Strange issue with Logitech Premium USB 350 headset.

I recently purchased a Logitech Premium USB 350 headset, to use with Bf2 and to listen to music. The sound is good, the comfort could be better, but the real issue is when I play Bf2 online or offline, while using the headset I experience a serious lag like problem in game.
Prior to using the headset, and just using regular speakers, there were no online or offline lag issues. I decided to unplug the headset, and game play both on and offline was back to smooth frame rates. If anyone has any thought on this I would appreciate the help. My computer is a bit dated, but here are the specs if it helps at all:

A7N8X DX rev 1.04
Athlon XP 2500+
2 x 512 mb DDR 400 dual channel
two 80 gig hd's in raid 0
Sapphire X1600 Pro 256 mb AGP
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  1. Did you ever figure out this issue? I have a friend with a similar issue. He did notice that one of his service host processes had blown up and was using 90%+ of his CPU. I'm wondering if his headphones somehow caused the increased processor usage. Anyway, I realize that this post is old but I wanted to check before I spent a bunch of time on the issue.

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