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I have an ultra low noise PC. Most ultra low noise PCs makes thunderstorms compared to mine. I use my PC for making music. I find CRTs a bit too noisy. This is no joking! They sometimes have the high pitched sound TVs have, and often they will also make a zizling sound. The sound can sometimes be influenced by the resolution. Try taking your ear close to a digital watch with the lights on - that may make a sound too.

My question is: Does anyone know, if LCDs have any (tiny) sounds, that a freak like me might dislike. A shop always have to much back ground noise for me to judge it.

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  1. I know exactly what u mean, and always catch my brothers when they watch tv even though they're not supposed to w/ that noise. hehe. I can speak for the TFT7020, and that made no noise. There definetly is some noise w/ my CRT, but there was none w/ my LCD. One thing- upon turning it on, it made a very, very light pop sound, but that was it. And this rarely happened. LCD are silent.

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  2. i have the 170t samsung and it does not make a sound, but my computer does:(

    what kind of system do you have, because im off a need off a new computer that makes 0 sound. its going to be located in the hallway, thats the reason why it have to be quit.
  3. that 170T is an All around Champion! How's the monitor doing profjo00

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  4. The ultra-extreme lownoise one is a 533@400 p3 (yes downclocked - still does a lot af things fine). I have removed the CPU fan. And I have changed the PSU-fan to a Papst 12dB model (makes more noise when fixed - fre air measurement makes the low 12dB). Then I have cut down the Voltage on the Papst to 5V (from 12). My grafics card is Matrox g450, wich has got no fan. So A full PC with ONE "downclocked" ultra-low-noise fan is what I have :)

    Most of the parts are however not used at the moment, as I am very close to having componentes for 2 PC. The other one - Celatin 1000@1333 just got a new cabinet (nearly finnished) - well, it is more like a small table made of beech wood (don't know if that is spelled correctly - it is very hard). The wood is almost an inch thick. I have two 12CM Papst 230Volt ~- fans for it. I will run them in serial connection - slowing them down a lot - making them quite silent. I will make a tube, that goes directly to the CPU, so all air will have to pass it - that should be enough to remove the fan - I hope :)
  5. nice, i guess i am ok with some noice, you take it to the next level... hehe downclocked a cpu, for my next system, i hope its real quit, so i can sleep in the same room as the computer, right now, the computer makes some sounds which makes it hard for me, i cant even sleep with a girl in the bed, hehe but i hope i can in the future when i get a wify. response to Rob's the monitor is great, nothing is unexpected, hope this one last long... and for sure, i will never go back to crt if i trully dont have to
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