help choosing a vga liquid cooling system

I just bought a corsair natilus 500 about a week ago for my cpu and it works great. Dropped my amd 4800 (oc 2.77) from 54c idle to 39c and 60c load to 44c. However I my graphics cards are still running hot and the fans are LOUD! (x1900xtx, x1900crossfire)

Does anyone know of any vga water blocks that would be compatible with my current system so that I can expand it or have any ideas on a seperate vga water cooling system that is not that expensive but works well.

Any help or ideas are greatly appriciated. :D
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  1. I don't think it such a good idea to include the gpu on that water cooling loop. I'm mean adding two more much hotter gpu in that loop will significantly increase the temps. You can do it you would need to add 2x120mm rad on the loop. The Nautilus basically has one 120mm radiator and that won't be good enough for cooling a cpu and two gpu. Second solution is get an aftermarket gpu cooler like from Artic Silencer and Zalman. The cooler could cost a bit lower then the price of a gpu water block, but the good thing is it won't add heat to your loop so your cpu can maintain low temps. But that is up to you, if you're willing to spend a bit more money then mod the Nautilus and add 2x120mm and 2 gpu water blocks on your loop.
  2. where would I add the second 120mm fan. Also I would be more than willing to buy an aftermarket fan cooling system buy I am worried that one of the fans would just blow the hot air onto the other video card and that one onto the sound card. Is there an aftermarket vga cooler that will blow the hot air out of the back of the case like the stock cooler?
  3. First could you give your systems specs? It would be good if you have a pic of it as well.

    You can easily add another radiator on you current loop. I have done this with a lower end cooling as well. Anyways, you include the 2x120mm rad and install it between the return tube and the Nautilus. I can't give you any specific set up, not until I know where do you place the Nautilus and what kind of case do you have.

    As for aftermarket coolers, I dont' know any good ones that can exhaust air out and that is compatible with X1900 series. I got a zalman for both of my 7800GTX. So more likely if you want total silent then go for the water cooling. With all the the water cooling upgrades, you would probably end up spending around $150.

    Here's what I think the best setup for you:
  4. I do not have a pic but I will try to find my camera and post one. I have an amd 4800 (2.7ghz), 2gb corsair 3500ll pro, (2) 74gb raptor's raid 0, (1) 320gb wd caviar, x1900xtx, x1900crossfire, soundblaster x-fi fatal1ty, thermaltake 700w psu, thermaltake 250w dedicated gpu psu, case lights, etc.

    Below is a link to my case. I have seen allot of your postings and you give great advice. Any help or suggestions that you might have would be greatly appriciated.

    Also is there such as thing as a case that is larger than mine. I some how find my self running out of room to hide the cables and wires. I cant find any on newegg
  5. Nice rig. But I don't think you're running out of space. If you water cool the cpu and gpus then there would be no much need to have much space inside the case. I know you have to have a good air circulation but with the cpu and gpus will be takin care of then there's should be no problem. Well, don't buy a case right now, just do this mod and then you'll find out for sure if you really do need a bigger case.

    You want a big you say? Check this out.
  6. Have you thought about adding a in line radiator between the cpu and the gpus. Your system has 3/8 inch tubing add a inline radiator and pump your temp should come down enough from the second radiator to cool the gpus effectively.

    What I mean is run the loop like this.
    Nautilius- cpublock- inline rad- pump- gpublocks-Nautilius

    I am assuming that you have two open 5.25 bays.
    thermal take aquabay radiator
    swifttech 3/8 pump
    This is just my two cent thought it might help.
  7. Thank you so much for the responses...

    You are right that I probally dont need a new case. However I am still running out of pci holes in my case (not sure what they are called.) Any ideas? I did find one stand alone vga water cooling system. Any thoughts on it? Good? Bad?

    I like the idea of adding on a second radiator but my question do I mount all of those fans and radiator on the back of my case. Also any suggestions on a water block for my x1900's that has the same size tubing. Thank you all again very much. :D
  8. That Tide Water, I don't think it would be such a good idea. I don't it would be able to keep up with two X1900 cards. The second 2x120mm rad is a lot better. As for mounting the radiator, it's very easy. You need the Radbox, form Swiftech.

    Use 4 120mm fans for the radiator for better airflow and cooling.
  9. Ok...

    I dont mean to be a pest but what parts exactly do you reccomend. Which radiator and gpu water blocks would be compatible with my current cooling system. I just want to make sure that I order all of the right things the first time.

    Thanks again
  10. Nautilus has 3/8" inner diameter tubing. How much space do you have on your motherboard. I mean the best gpu water blocks are usually huge and can take up one more slot space below it. I would say Swiftech or DangerDen for the GPU water block. First I want to know how much space you have on your slots.
  11. The set up I suggested was an internal rad I don't know how many optical drives you have. I suggested the internal rad that mounts in a 5.25 bay, because of it cools the water before it go to the gpus after coming from the cpu. As for the water blocks check out danger den.
    I just looked they have a nice crossfire kit.
    dd crossfire kit
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