will there be new raptor in the near future?

does anyone has the info/link regarding new western digital raptor or a new hdd which performs better than current mainstream hdd?

i'm planning to go for a raptor x, but if there will be a newer hdd i'll wait.
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  1. The Raptor has been the fastest SATA drive for a couple of years now, with no competition...
    HD tech does not develop as rapidly as other tech areas may...
  2. so is it worthy to get raptor x 150g now? i'm using 7200rpm sata I drive now. after switching to core 2 duo processor, the only thing i can think off of holding me back is the drive speed. hehe therefore i'm considering to try the raptor x.

    or you were saying if there's no competition product wins over the raptor family, there will be a long way for the next gen raptor to come?
  3. In reality the Raptor makes your system feel faster, but it doesn't give that much of a performance boost. It really depends on what you use your system for. If you game, then your bottleneck is either your CPU or GPU, depending on your configuration. If you do video editing with large files, then the Raptor may be useful in conjunction with a larger slower drive for actual storage and using the Raptor as a scratch disk.

    If you could give us a little more background on what you use your system for, then we could provide a better recommendation about whether the Raptor is worth the money at all.
  4. errr.. i use my system most for office & internet, 3d & strategy game (nfs most wanted, f.e.a.r, footballmanager), nero recode, general multimedia (movie, tv/fm, mp3), and so on.

    guess it's a waste of money, eh?
  5. Maybe not a total waste of money, but there are some fast 7200RPM drives that have much more storage, which is something you may be concerned about depending on how much multimedia you actually store. I've had raptors in the past, the original, and while it was nice I quickly ran out of room. If you have the cash to burn and you really want them, go ahead, but are they the best investment? Not really. Unless you do large file transfers, i.e. server esq. setting, video editing, or lots of random access where a few milliseconds really matter, then I would shy away from them.

    You've already got a great CPU, and I don't know about your GPU but I am guessing you have a good one. Those are your two main areas you really watch. RAM is probably the next most critical, along with motherboard and PSU. One of the least critical items in a computer is the hard drive. As long as it runs at 7200 RPM's they are in general very similar. Check out the THG hard drive tables and you will see, yes, there are stronger performers, but on a day to day basis there isn't enough benefit to justify the sky high $/GB for a Raptor.

    I still use hard drives designed 3 years ago. The raptors put my HDD to shame in I/O access and avg read/write, but I mainly game and do school work on my computer so I have no need for the 10% extra speed because my CPU bottlenecks my load times and my GPU+CPU bottleneck my frame rates, not my HDD. It's a matter of opinion, I just want you to have all the information, then if you still want them, go for it I won't flame you for it. :tongue:
  6. yeah it's a matter of option between large storage vs. fast storage. hehe. this kind of thing is headaching me because if i can i want it all at a time (fast & large storage) :p

    thanks so much for the full explanation. i really appreciate it. :)
  7. You are quite welcome. What questions I can answer, I try to. Let me know if you need anything else. :D
  8. Fast drives with plenty of storage = Seagate 7200.10 :)

    My 250gb 7200.10 Scores 66.5mb/s sustained in HDTach, My old 74GB Raptor Scored the same.. But alot lower on the seek times, etc..
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