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How to bridge Gigafast WF719-CAPR w.router to DLink DI624 ?

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November 11, 2005 9:37:56 PM

I have 2 wireless routers. one is GigaFast WF719-CAPR and one is a D-Link DI-624.

I am having a problem connecting 2 wireless routers so that both can provide internet access. Actually, I'm not very experienced in using the advanced functions of the WF719. So it would be helpful if you can guide me. Here is my situation:

The network configuration in my house is:
w = wired connection using normal ethernet cable
wl = wireless connection through air

DSL Modem (providing internet) --w--> DI624 ----wl-----> WF719 --w--> Computer

My objective:
I want the computer to have internet access, but first, i need to have the WF719 connect to the DI624 like a client (like a wireless NIC would), but also be able to provide internet to the computer connected. Specifically, can you tell me what settings my WF719 is suppose to use so that it can do what i want? I tried using "Bridge" Mode (instead of gateway mode), but when i went to site survey and tried to connect to the DI624, it says "Failed to connect!" The DI624 seems to only work in gateway mode. But the WF719 is able to be in 3 modes: Gateway, Bridge, Wireless ISP. And in other settings, it says it can be a AP, Client, WDS, or AP+WDS, i'm not sure what all these are and therefore not sure what settings i should use.

This is just for home usage at normal adsl speeds 1.5mbps.

And what's the best way I can do this? what settings i should use w/o buying further equipment?

My previous configuration which worked look like:
DSL Modem --w--> DI624 ----wl-----> Wireless NIC adaptor (connect to computer thru PCI).
In this case, the computer was able to get internet.

I should note that, when I did a site survey on the WF719, the signal number says 30-40, is this low signal strength a factor in this problem?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.

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December 31, 2005 10:53:53 AM

I have the EXACT same routers and got it going. I am no expert, but here goes.....

For the Gigafast, choose Wireless ISP mode. Go through Time Zone (Next), LAN Interface (accept defaults), WAN (choose DHCP client). For Wireless basic settings:
* Band: 2.4 GHz
* Mode: Client
* Network Type: Infrastructure (I thought I had set this to Ad Hoc, but the next step may have changed it)
*SSID: Put in whatever you named your network when you set up the 624

For Encryption, I set it to None for simplicity, but need to add WEP later.
Next click Finished.

The in the menu to the left, choose Wireless, then Site Survey. Click the Refresh button and this will search for a wireless server. If the 624 is set up right, the Gigafast will find it. Once it finds the connection, choose that one (radio button) and click Connect. That should do it!

Good Luck.
February 18, 2006 10:17:29 PM

!!!!Excellent help JWL, I have linksys wrt54gs + wf179-capr running now!!.
3 desktops and 2 laptops with WPA, some resets but no problem.

This wf179 is ugly but makes me happy.
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March 19, 2006 6:08:59 PM

Ok guys, I'm essentially trying to do the exact same thing as fuc847

My main router is a BEFSX41 by linksys and that bridges to a WRT54GX also by linksys. Here is a somewhat graphical representation: (w) = wired
(wL) = wireless

internet >>> BEFSX41 (w) >>> WRT54GX (w) >>> various laptops (wL)

My current goal is to add a Gigafast WF719-CAPR to this mix, using it as essentially a network extender; something like this:

internet >>> BEFSX41 (w) >>> WRT54GX (w) >>> WF719-CAPR (wL) >>> various other laptops (wL)

First I tried to connect it through ethernet cords, and managed to disable the DHCP and set the IP address, effectively creating a wired bridge of my existing network.

Now, in attempting to do something completely different at a LAN party with some friends, I stumbled across this post which mentioned that you could use it as a wireless client. This intruiged me very much, so I decided to give it a shot. I ran the "setup-wizard" as you suggested but for some reason I do not have as much success. Everything seems to work up until the point when I try to connect to my original wireless signal from the site survery menu.

I am getting a message that says "Failed to connect" everytime. I thought it might have something to do with my original wireless already being encrypted, so I entered in the same WEP keys but still had no luck. I've tried just about every setting possible and I think I actually managed to screw something else up in the process of tweaking these settings because now I cannot even access my Gigafast router. I set its IP as but when I point to it in my browser I cannot connect to the admin page.

I would push the reset button and start again, but I cannot the thing to work for the life of me. I tried searching google, and others have had similar problems with the reset button but I still couldn't find a solution.

I realize this post is a bit loaded with info, and its probably hard to understand my problem from it, but hopefully one of you out there can give me some insight. At the very least, does anyone know how I can reset this god forsaken Gigafast router???? I need SPECIFIC instructions on how to use the button as I've tried everything I can think of and had no success

thanks for your time!
February 4, 2009 3:06:37 PM

After reset you need to power off the router for ten seconds and turn it back on.