how to remove CPU fan with silver bar ?


I have no clue how to remove a CPU fan for an old intel celeron with a silver bar holding it. Do you have to push hard on the bar to release the clips on both sides or can I use a screwdriver to lift the clips :?:

I want to keep everything intact because I want to put the fan back in place once I get this hard drive in the case....

the fan is like this one:
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  1. On one side, push down and then a little bit out. Usually there is one side better than the other to to this on (a tab or something like that)

    Its a simple design but I understand not wanted to damage anything.

    good luck!
  2. Take a flat head screwdriver and find the slot for it. There should be 3 "claw" like protrusions on one side of it that should just fit a regular sized flathead. Push the screwdriver down into it, and with enough force, you should be able to slide the arm off the clip on the motherboard with ease.
  3. Exactly what Siba said, but make sure the screwdriver fits the slot perfectly and is secure before you push down, for it is easy for the screwdriver to slip off the silver bar and plunge into your motherboard. :)
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