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Help with my E6600+P5B

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October 15, 2006 7:06:28 PM

Im having a very tough problem and am really out of ideas what to do....
I have an E6600, P5B, 7900GT, corsair PC2-6400 and Antec TP 480watt psu. I built it and got it running for about a week. Suddently it shut off and would not boot properly. I left it for awhile and tried to boot again... and it booted, yet I got a message on bootup saying overclocking failed. I find this very odd as I have not overclocked at all. I figured it was an overheating problem so I went out and got some artic silver and resat the heatsink. After doing so I booted up and the computer will run for all of 5 minutes or so and then shut off, ill leave it, boot it, and then I get the same overclocking failed... any ideas of what I can do to prevent this from happening? Its in an Antec P180 case with all the stock fans, the heatsink is the stock heatsink with the artic silver on it. If anyone can offer any ideas to try and get this working (maybe its a common problem with this mobo cpu combo?) that would be great.


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October 15, 2006 8:15:07 PM

i also tried to reset the cmos using the jumpers and taking out the battery but nothing is seeming to work. Also when it shuts itself off it tries to power back on and shuts off again over and over b4 even getting to load windows... honestly this is the weirdest problem I have ever seen
October 15, 2006 8:47:37 PM

double check your bios settings, i have a similar setup e6400 p5b corsair ddr2 800. did you set your ram timings, voltage manually or is it set to spd?
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October 15, 2006 8:50:37 PM

everything should be set to default in my bios as i havent touched anything in there... to even get into the bios i need to let my computer sit with the power off so that it will atleast stay on long enough to reach the bios
October 15, 2006 8:52:14 PM

everything should be set to default in my bios as i havent touched anything in there... to even get into the bios i need to let my computer sit with the power off so that it will atleast stay on long enough to reach the bios

what do you mean by that? :o 
you can't get into bios?
October 15, 2006 9:21:10 PM

well when i turn on the computer after leaving it for awhile I can get it to power on maybe for five minutes, then it will shut down and try to power itsself back on again. I turn off the power on the PSU and then try to boot up again but it will just turn on for maybe 10 seconds and start the cycle of trying to power on... however if i leave it for say an hour, ill be able to power it on for about 5 minutes or so before it shuts off.
October 15, 2006 9:34:17 PM

Obviously you have a CPU conflict. Try updating the BIOS. I suspect your system shuts off when your CPU is having HIGH LOADS. And check the CPU temperature. Good Luck.
October 15, 2006 9:38:56 PM

i would update my bios, but my system doesnt stay on long enough for me to fully complete the update, im sure if i start updating it will crash right in the middle and ill be back where i started
October 16, 2006 4:25:22 AM

o_O omg that's bad. The BIOS will get screwed if the system shuts off in the middle of the update. And there's no way you can recover it.

hmmm, the system will just SHUT OFF?? man...I'm thinking if it's the "fatal blue screen error"...Do you mean the system crashes, and it reboots itself??

Usually when these things happen it is pretty much always the conflicts between the CPU/RAM/Video Card...or one of the ram is defective?? haha, I get that with the recent system that I put together. It was a nightmare cuz there was no video output so the first thing I thought it's the video card problem...then after I tested each ram seperately as single-channel for each slot, finally found out that one of the rams is defective.

Just return everything to the seller and tell them about the problem OR unless you can get your friends' computers to test each component and see which one fails. I think your PSU is fine, I mean it's an Antec for god sake and there's enuff wattage. And there shouldn't be any problems with the Video Card. what kinda card is it I wonder? Asus or eVGA?

You know I was upgrading someone's system and he had a Samsung harddrive. After XP completes its last phase of the installation, the Windows Logo won't come up and the system reboots itself. I was asking that guy why did he have to choose a Samsung HDD just to save $20?