Mobility Radeon X1600 Query

Hey there people, I need some help please :)

I recently ordered a new laptop with an:
512MB ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 ( 256MB VRAM + 256MB Integrated )

I haven't received my new laptop yet, but checking the manufacturer's site, the same model I ordered now has:

512MB HypermemoryATI Mobility Radeon Turbo Cache

Well, I am just wondering to know which is better.. the Hypermemory ( as I understand ) steals memory from the slower system RAM so basically is just a marketing bluff.. but the integrated/VRAM? I'm not so sure so I just need to know which is better & why, just in case I decide to change ;)

Thanks a bunch for any answers :D
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  1. I doubt it had 256mb 'integrated memory', probably describing Hypermemory in the first case as well, just doing a bad job of it.
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