What motherboard?

Hello all!

I have a question, i seem to be a little lost here.
I'm going to order a new computer very soon,
and it's going to be something like this ;

Harddisks (SATA) Maxtor DiamondMax 10

Voeding Zalman ZM600-HP

Floppy Sony Floppydrive

Behuizing Enermax Chakra ECA3052

Processor Intel E6700

Case-fan Papst 4412/F2GLL

Grafische kaart (PCIe) Club3D GeForce 7950GX2

Geheugen Kingston ValueRAM DIMM 2 GB
2048 MB, PC2-5300 / DDR2-667, CL5 5-5-12

Now my question, what is a good Motherboard for this hardware?
Help would be really appreciated!
( and what's with everybody saying i should not buy a new video card until DirectX10 is out? What is the difference? )

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Abit AW9D-MAX
    Best moterboard for clocking, and most stabe.
    Don't save money for RAM, Take 800MHz (PQI, or maybe Corsair-but i tested PQI wiht all motherboards, with all chipsets, and work exellent)
    People are right, wait a few months for DX10 cards, but while you waiting-take 7600GT (Gainward)-Cheap and exellent. You won't loose to much money when you sell that card, and with 7950 you will.
  2. It's hard to recommend a mobo without knowing what sort of user you are.
    Do you want to overclock, what features do you neeed & which don't interest you etc.?
    Budget is also important as well.
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