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I'm about to build myself a new HTPC and I'm having trouble finding a quiet after market cooler for the system. I'm a long time fan of ZALMAN coolers but the CNPS9500 is to big for my HTPC case (nMedia HTPC 200BA) and I don't think the CNPS8000 will fit properly on the Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard I was planning to get. I have an old CNPS7000 that I'd love to use but I can't find any info from Zalman about using it on socket AM2. Can anyone suggest a quiet socket AM2 cooler with a large fan on it that will fit in a smallish HTPC case.

And just to head off any suggestions that I go with a Core 2 system, I'm doing this project on the cheep and can't afford to go that route as much as I would like to.

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  1. Anybody?
  2. Get the CNPS8000 and ASUS M2N-E. This should work.
  3. Silentpcreview says otherwise about the CNPS8000.
  4. Thermalright XP 90 or XP 90c, you will need to buy a AM2(rev B) retention bracket with it. For the fan I would go for a Nexus or Panaflo 92mm fan.

  5. The XP-90 is what I want for my M2N-E, its perfectly designed for that board. Newegg doesn't have it in stock, you can find it around though.
  6. Scythe Infinity or Thermalright Ultra-120, both without a fan.
    Keep a close watch on temps and dont try to OC like this.
  7. Those are great choices, but the OP said "smallish HTPC case". Unfortunately "smallish HTPC case" and Scythe Infinity or Thermalright Ultra-120 will not probably mix. It's too bad though. A fanless Infinity does very well on it's own when you don't overclock.
  8. Quote:
    a smallish HTPC case.

    Weve got ourselves a bit of a problem here.

    @the OP
    Measure the height avaible youve got report back.
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