Question about the uses of VIVO technology...

Ive searched about vivo technology in different parts, but did not get a very good idea of its possible uses. I want to know if I cant connect a RCA video cable to the my card (x1900xt with VIVO) and if possible record any programs to HD, or have the ability to watch tv (with RCA cable through it). If not what is the main porpouse of VIVO technology?
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  1. Clarify your question;

    ViVo or AVIVO?

    ViVo is simply Video-in and Video-out. Usually SDTV in and either SDTV or HDTV out, however as a passthrough it'd be limited to the in, so SDTV in SDTV out (even if displayed on an HDTV), although could be slightly tweaked SDTV out.

    AVIVO is ATi's video decoding/encoding software and hardware.
  2. Yeh, you can watch TV using Video In, all you need is an external tuner source (like a VCR) and a software viewer (like ATI Multimedia Center).

    Not to be confused with Video Out, of course.
  3. Hi, I want to make sure you understand the technology Im talking about is VIVO (Not AVIVO or Video Out). I found this technology in the specs of my New Radeon X1900XT and I do have a VCR, I was just making sure if I could watch TV from it, as Crashman confirmed, Another question.....Will ATI Multimedia center let me record video from that source, or should I get another software that does so?
  4. ATI Multimedia Center will let you record the video input, yes.

    Video Out is half of what VIVO means: Videon IN/Video OUT :P

    Lots of guys in here think they have inputs when really they don't. A few, like you, really do have inputs.
  5. With AVIVO on ATI cards, you can get video input from S-Video / Component (like from a cable box) but not from RCA nor TV Cable (of course a $40 TV-Tuner will do the RCA + TV Cable). Recording is generally poor if you get a cheap TV Tuner like this (I have one) and takes a lot of CPU time. I've found torrents much easier but you know - someone has to be recording to seed the original torrents, and I'm sure they do so with nice inputs like AVIVO. I can't try that though since my ATI / Sapphire card doesn't work too well and RMA will take a few weeks and cost me shipping + $30USD money order (so they can ship back) & downtime for my new system.
  6. LOL, JMecc you have it all backwards, well, except for S-Video...

    1.) Avivo is software, not hardware, you can't connect a VCR to Avivo.

    2.) ATI VIVO allows S-Video or Composite in. Not component, composite. Component is better than Composite. VCR's use Composite.

    3.) RCA connectors...are a type of connector. Both Composite and Component cables use RCA connectors. Composite is one cable (combined signal), component is three cables

    4.) The reason you're probably getting confused is because none of these formats have AUDIO. VIVO cards don't have audio inputs, just a single S-Video input and a single Composite input.

    5.) A/V cables that have a yellow, white, and red RCA connector are not composite nor component cables. Instead, they're a combination of 1 Composite Video (yellow cable) plus Left and Right audio cables.
  7. Dude! Wait, what are BNC and Banana plugs?
  8. Not sure bout BNC but banana plugs I believe are like the plugs used for speakers,or that is what I understand them to be
  9. Leave it to the GA to be asking bout banana plugs....sheeeesh
  10. BNC are quick connect coaxial plugs used in multiple applications, generally limitted to RGB when it comes to graphics applications.

    RCA is used for Component (YPrPb) and Composite video.
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