Can I use a wireless router as an access point in other room

I have found tutorials to get the wireless router into an access point, but they require the two routers to be connected with ethernet. THis defeats the purpose for me. Can I get it so the one wireless router, (with incoming internet) talks to the other router in the other room and have this second router act as a access point for my xbox. I have the 2 wireless routers but I want to wirelessly share the internet amongst them. I dont want to run an ethernet cord between them as this kills the point. This would also allow me to connect my other pc in that room that isnt wirless. Thanks
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  2. Yes, you can, however you'd need the second device to either act as a Client workgroup bridge or both would need to support WDS bridging, the second one would need to be able to act as a client in the bridge. Very few routers can do this out of the box. Belkin makes a model or two and Linksys WRT54G with firmware 4 or earlier can be flashed with third party firmware to enable this functionality.
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