Bridge AD-HOC Problem


LAN 1 - DSL (Auto-DCHP) (ICS)
LAN 2 - Cross Cable ( Laptop A )

Laptop A
LAN 1 - Cross Cable ( Desktop )
WLAN - AD-HOC ( Laptop B )

LAN 1 & WLAN = Bridge Network (Auto-DHCP)

Laptop B

WLAN - AD-HOC ( Laptop A )

*** Both WLAN Card is set to AD-HOC and WEP is disabled.


Laptop B can't get a connection and cant get a valid IP from Laptop A's WLAN AD-HOC connection which result to a no internet connection. No firewall whatsoever and no router. Any more details needed? Help please.

By the way Laptop A's connection is good.
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  1. You could try manually assigning an IP to see if it isn't just a borked DHCP server or configuration but I'd probably try to redo the bridge first.
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