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hey im building a new rig since i finally got some funding and im tired of my current system. (tired= i can barely do anything with it!) im running an embarassing system so ive been researching for a lil. i have around 1k to spend and was hoping to get some final advice and conformation. this is the rig:

CPU: Intel C2D 6400
Mobo: MSI 975X Platinum
Hardrive: Western Digital Caviar 250 GB
Graphics: Radeon x1900xt 256mb DDR3
Case+PSU: Raidmax Smilodon w/ 500W power supply
DVD drive: Samsung 18X DVD+/-R
Memory: preferbly 2 gigs but prices have gone up im looking at PQI_Turbo ddr2 667 but im not even sure if its compatible. this is were i need suggestions pretty much but also critique the rest of the hardware.
FYI- im using my current monitor (its not to bad but def wen x-mas comes around im goin to try to get a nicer one), also using my keyboard and mouse(same with monitor) and speakers in the new setup.
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  1. Doesn't look bad. Do you overclock? If you do E6400 might appeal to you, but you can save a bit of money and go for the E6300 which easily overclocks to E6400 speeds and sumtimes E6300. The motherboard looks good, heard good things about it. Hard drive is not bad, althought the Seagata 7200.10 hard drives are nice and pretty cheap. The X1900XT 256 is nice, but you might want to bump it up to 512 model. The x1900XT seems to suffer quite a bit with less memory. CAse and power supply are good. Hard drive, save some money and get a 16X one, they don't even sell 18X discs in mass yet. As for ram, get 2X1gigs of sticks. Corsair is good, OCZ, PQI i dont have experience with and I can't say for sure. 2 Gigs is definitly the way to go. Try looking for the Corsair XMS series Cas 5 or 4, or the OCZ gold and platinum series. The OCZ might require higher voltages but should be fine. It all looks pretty good. In the end:
    1. Change to E6300 unless you plan on overclocking and even then it's overclockable
    2. Change to 7200.10 seagate
    3. Try and get X1900XT 512 but 256 would stilll be fine
    4. Downgrade to 16X unless you absolutely need it and can find 18X discs
    5. Get two 1 gig sticks of Corsair XMS or OCZ gold/platinum. That's just my advice though. Conroe doesn's suffer as much from bad RAM as the X2's do.

    Hope this helps.
  2. well i want the e6400 cuz even though maybe not right away i do plan to overclock eventually. the 512mb in the 1900xt is kidna expensive and easily bumps me out of wanted budget. as for the ram i dont kno i was thinking of maybe getting a 1 gig maybe even 800mhz with 4 latency and then get another stick when it gets cheaper. i guess since the price diff in the hd isnt bad ill go with your suggestion, same with DVD r drive i guess even though it is pretty cheap even if its 18X
  3. In that case, E6400 would suit u, but E6600 even more,but that's pretty expensive. The 256mb would play everything that's currently out with most if not all the eye candy. But with 1 gig, you'll be help back. I noticed a huge, and i mean huge performance increase in games and multitasking with two gigs. You're better off with 2 gigs of cas 5, that one gig of cas 4. As for overclocking, you are better off with cas 4 but i remember reading on anandtech that value ram overclocks very well with conroe too. The dvd drive was fine, but if your concerned about the the few extra 20 dollars here and there, then you can save. Think of it as two movie tickets 8) . The 7200.10 are not that expensive but perform excellenty since they use newer perpendicular something technology. Some of them perform almost as wel as raptors. I'm personally getting two of them in raid 0 or 1, haven't decided yet.

    Best of luck
    Feel free to ask more questions
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