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I am sure hoping you guys can help me. I own a tiny little diner in a small town right on the interstate and I would like to setup wireless internet access for my truck drivers. I could sure use some advice on what I will need. I am not a computer newbie, I have already built a home computer, but this wireless networking is not something I want to do wrong, so any and all advice will be appreciated.
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  1. if you haven't setup a network you need this devices : modem, wireless accesspoint or wireless router,cable .. make sure that the pcs of your drivers has a wireless adapter/card ..
  2. Since you are setting up for a wireless network for the general public. You want to make sure your personal computers are completly isolated. You will require a modem, AP or Wireless Router, optional commercial grade Firewall. Some router have the capabilty of isolating the wireless and wired sides, can not see each other. You may also want to block sertain sites from access, those loaded with spyware and viruses. There is a black list floating around with these. If you are supplying a computer you definately want a restriced user account and do not allow any downloads. You don't want to be responsable for someone downloading child porn. You just know someone will try to infect it with any and all, they are allways out there, where most are good people. I would consider a UNIX system since you have more control on what the user can do.

    If you provide wireless, make sure you post a sign tell users that it is a unprotected connection. They will be responsiable for there own Firewall and antivirus. And of Course you will not be responsable for any damage.

    One thing to consider is how may users you may have, to calculate bandwidth. Tom's Network reviewed a router/system for seting up a hot spot, w/conection for fees. If you want to make some money on this
    to help pay for all of the needed equipment.
  3. I will be building a new tower for this diner application. There will be no private information on it at all, although I will make sure it is secure. I will not have computers for the public to use as most of them bring in their own laptops to catchup on driving logs, send emails, etc. I appreciate all the information. But I guess what I need to know now would be what type of motherboard would you recommend I install? I will also go and checkout Tom;s network. Thank you very much
  4. Motherboard???

    What type of internet connection do you have? If broadband make sure your modem has an ethernet interface. Buy a wireless router, plug your modem into the Router/AP and configure security if you want to. That's about it. The AP/Router will have a manual but most of these devices are designed with the newb in mind, meaning they are typically plug and play, just with no security. From the sounds of it you wouldn't be implementing encryption or MAC filtering anyway.
  5. This will be a new build, I want to use windows xp and my connection will be DSL.
    I appreciate all your help.
  6. If you are just providing internet access to your customers... are there high speed service providers in your area... if so... just get a connection through them... drop in a broadband bridge with wireless access point capability... configure everything for public.. post a sign that says "free wireless internet w/ a cup of cofee" and tell them what the SSID is.. you don't need anything else..

    You need to post a sign that says it's not protected... use at their own risk...
  7. Perfect thats exactly what I need and will do. Thank you all so much for your input :)
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