Change windows 7 64 bit computer to 32 bit

Hello, I cant update my samsung galaxy on a 64 bit system. MUST be running 32 bit. any work arounds or inexpensive way to go from 64 bit to 32 ..Windows 7 Home
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  1. You need to do a clean install!
  2. Why should you???
    A 64bit system is working with 32bit applications!
    The 32bit doesn't work with 64bit apps!
  3. There is no way to do that without wiping the system out and doing a fresh install.

    If a friend has a 32 bit Windows disk (XP, Vista, or 7), you could set up a virtual machine with it (using a program like VMware Player) and run it during the trial to run the update for the phone. Once the update is complete, delete the VM.
  4. Or use a friend's computer that is 32bit
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