Gigabyte P965-S3 Watercooling question

Hey guys,

Just received my new computer and have already managed to hit a wall with installation progress.

I'm working with a Gigabyte P965-S3, and a Cool-Trek Vostok Watercooling kit.

I'm trying to install the Cool-trek Vostok waterblock onto the CPU, but the watercooling manual says to remove the original retention bracket if any. The problem with this is that the Gigabyte motherboard certainly has a retention bracket over the CPU, but it is not removable (as far as I can see). I've searched high and low over google for possible resolutions for this one, but no cigar as of yet.

Am I safe to install the waterblock over the top of the retention bracket? Or will I more than likely fry the CPU?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated - would certainly make my day!

Thanks a bunch in advance,

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  1. Got the problem all sorted out. Installed the waterblock over the retention bracket with arctic silver 5, allowing my E6400 to run at 3ghz (376mhz FSB), 30*c idle, 38*c load. Cozy and fast ;)


  2. i was a lil late but yes. when they say "retention bracket" they mean any on the underside of teh motherboard usually for a previous cooling setup, not the one holding your cpu on (which is also a retention bracket). 8)
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