Nvidia Geforce Go 7950 GTX availability

I'm planning on upgrading my laptop to the XPS1710 and now I've hear they're making it available with the new GeForce Go 7950 GTX but, so far it is only available to be configured with it in Dell US. Since I live in the UK, i'd like to know if anyone knows if and when is Dell supposed to make the new graphics card available in their British Website.

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  1. Its not better then the Go 7900 GTX.

    Seriously, a high-end user who buys an already built PC?

    Buy it seperatly and have it installed, u dont have to search through already built PCs for the card, this isnt like trying to find the prize in a box of cornflakes.
  2. He's talking about a laptop you moron :roll:
  3. Yes, it's a laptop computer. Dell US already has it as an option for the XPS 1710, but Dell UK doesn't. Question still stands. Does anyone knows something about availability for the UK?? Thanks again!
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