which is the best upgrade option?

i'm currently havegeneric RAM and wish to upgrade to slightly better RAM, which is the best RAM to buy. i would probably want to buy arround a gig maybe even 2gig. also it is DDR. if it helps my motherboad is the DFI Lanparty SLI-DR.

thanks for your help
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  1. The "best" ram to buy is one that you can afford that fits your motherboard.

    Determining factors are bus speed of your motherboard, whether you plan to overclock or not, and whether or not you plan to upgrade to 4 gigs in the future. 512MB modules are usually a bit cheaper, but 1 gig sticks will allow for a possible 4 gigs later on if you so desire. It can be a trick to get Windows XP to use 4 gigs of RAM, however XP Pro 64-bit, Windows Server 2003, and the soon to be released Windows Vista can all use 4 gigs no problem.

    Two companies that computer enthusiasts are usually fond of are OCZ and Corsair, although you can buy good fairly fast value ram from several vendors and some also make performance ram.

    Rather than doing all your homework for you:

    Try going to different ram company websites and entering your motherboard into their memory matcher. (Search the net for more RAM companies if you have to, or try pricegrabber.com if you need some leads. Just type in RAM or Memory in the search bar.) Most good ram manufacturer websites have a "memory matcher." You just use the pull down menu's to enter in your motherboard and it'll bring up a list of recommended ram. Another thing to check is the DFI website. They may have some recommendations as well. Good luck!
  2. Quote:
    i'm currently havegeneric RAM and wish to upgrade to slightly better RAM, ...

    No need to do so unless you are having problems with your current RAM.
  3. i want to upgrade to better RAM so i can over clock the CPU becuase this ram only lets me OC it about 5Mhz before crashing.
  4. I assume you mean this board?

    Right there on that page is a link to recommended memory for overclocking.

    Here's the link to DFI's recommended memory for OCing that board.

    There could very well be newer ram out than what you might find on that list. I don't know which one is best for price vs OC-ability. Do you just want the very fastest OCable ram timings or is cost an issue as well?

    You should probably do some google searches to see what others have already said and check out the ram charts (most should have them) of the companies listed on the DFI website. You may already know this so if you do, sorry I couldn't be of more help. :roll:
  5. thanks for that, me didnt think of that. time to start saving those pennies and see which one i'm gonna get. probs better to get is sooner ratrher than later as DDR pices are rising. thanks
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