pci express 2.0 motherboard should i wait to upgrade ?

I would like to build a new system to upgrade from my current agp system, but I just learned that in less then 2 months pci 2.0 will supposedly be out. If I were to buy a mobo + conroe + 7900gtx, I'm not sure if I could use the new card in that system or does anyone know how its going to work. AND will the new g80 gforce 8800 be pci 2.0 only ? I don't wana drop a wad to be SOL when the dx 10 cards come out.

Thanks for your info :twisted:
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  1. It's gonna be more like a year before it's out AFAIK. I wouldn't worry about waiting for it, graphics cards are nowhere near saturating the current gen PCI-E 16x interface yet. Initially, it will probably be like the situation with AGP 2x/4x/8x - for the most part, future cards based on the new interface will be backwards compatible and will only show degraded performance when the cards are sufficiently fast to exceed the current bandwidth limit.
  2. Wait - but don't wait for PCIe 2.0.

    Wait for the 8800GT(X|S), there's no point buying a 7900GTX now.
  3. Good point, I agree
  4. There is also little point to buying a 8 series when they come out. No Vista = no DX 10, no DX 10 = little need for 8 series.

    I don't know how immediate your need is, but let me suggest something: If you can wait till Vista hits, depending on your feelings about it. DX 10 will come with it, and a few DX 10/Vista only games. I don't see much point in buying a 8 series when they come out and have to wait 3 or 4 months for Vista to use them, that's just me though.

    you can buy a 8 series and it will work perfectly fine in XP, but be aware you will never get DX 10 inside XP, it just isn't going to happen. In fact, you won't get anything new inside Xp DX wise. DX 9.0L is supposed to be DX 9.0c (basilcy) for Vista since DX 10 itself isn't backwards compatible.

    back to the original question, video cards these days saturate the approximate level of PCI-E X4. THG did a comparison of frame rates last year or so, and they found that while the frame rate did change going from X16 -> X8, the drop was maybe 1FPS, and therefore not a bandwidth problem. Also the move from X8 -> X4 resulted in about the same loss, 1-2FPS. It wasn't till they got under X4 that there were issues. So waiting for PCI-E 2.0 is, honestly, ridiculous and entirely unnecessary. Hell, 2 X1950XTX's can't fill a X16 slot split into X8/X8.

    No frets. Right now is the time to play the waiting game if possible, G80 is about to come out earlier than Vista.... big whoop, and R600 is on deck for release around the time of Vista, so I would wait to see how G80 and R600 break down against each other before I purchase one or the other.

    As always, just my 2 cents :)
  5. The 8 series will do DX9 faster than anything else on the market.

    Even if you don't care about DX10, it makes more sense to wait for the 8800 than buy a 7900GTX now
  6. True. This is why I suggested a waiting strategy depending on need. You are quite correct that it will be much faster in 9.0C games... but it will also cost you alot more ($650 for the top of the line, I think). If the OP is intent to stay away from Vista, maybe wait until 8 series hits, then watch the 7 series drop in price. With 2 or 3 solid products on deck, including a new OS, it is not the best time to be making rash decisions.

    I am not arguing against its raw power, just that there are more options to come and as of now, we have no clue which is going to play out better, the G80 or R600. Also with the new DX 10 cards, they are going to be power hungry, so if you are on a marginal PSU it is something worth considering because an upgrade may be necessary. I am trying to look at all sides of the issue, not that you aren't. :D
  7. Well here is my current dilemy now that I see it's no advantage to wait for pci 2.0. My current rig is a 3 gig pentium 4 2 gigs of ram and a 6600gt AGP video card. I just ordered a 7600gt to see if it will increase gaming that much until things chill out until say Feb 07.
    The games I would like to play are HL2, Oblivian and hopefully vanguard if it ever comes out. do you think its wise to keep the 7600gt , which has a 30 day return policy or just hang with the 6600gt. I know this is going towards a gpu forum, but its just a big ball of confusion at this point LOL .

    Thanks again
  8. Well the 6600 is a great value card, the 7600 posts respectible numbers, but if you really just intend to replace it all in Feb, I personaly do not see any reason to upgrade for 3-4months. I am kinda cheap, so I prefer only to upgrade only when I get something really good out of it. I don't forsee any new games coming out that won't be playable at all on a 6600GT. You may have to lower the resolution and details, but the 6600GT should be able to survive till Feb. It is a matter of patience, something I tend to have problems with lol. Also, if you save the money you spend on a 7600 GT you might be able to buy a better computer in Feb, all be it your saving $120 give or take.

    It is really a question of disposable income, if you have it fine, if not or if you are on a budget I would try and chill with the 6600GT. Just my 2 cents :)
  9. Ya I get a little impulsive sometimes too, it's like wow look kewl new cpu's and video cards, yet i'm really only playing HL2 at the moment waiting for th new games, but i guess they wont be coming out until jan anyway so I'll chill with the 6600gt, it stands for ghetto =)
  10. Ya I get a little impulsive sometimes too, it's like wow look kewl new cpu's and video cards, yet i'm really only playing HL2 at the moment waiting for th new games, but i guess they wont be coming out until jan anyway so I'll chill with the 6600gt, it stands for ghetto =)
  11. Quote:
    I'll chill with the 6600gt, it stands for ghetto =)

    haha, good sense of humor 8O
  12. If you're ready to buy now, go for it. Because after PCI express 2.0 (compatible with PCI ex 1.0 anyway) and GeF8800, there will be ATI R600, that NVidia G85, that ATI R650, etc... So you'll always be waiting if you wait for the next big thing. Also, very first generation Dx10 card will not be powerful enough for late Dx10 games anyway, so you'll have to upgrade sooner or later.

    If you want an exemple, try to play Oblivion with either a GeF5800 or a Radeon 9700 (or my 9800Pro :evil: ) and see. It'll be the same with both R600 and G80.

    My humble opinion.
  13. Do you think this article is believable? DX 9.L will be a DX10 for Win XP? Looks like we won't have to migrate to VISTA. At least for awhile unless it's not buggy. With that said, it won't be for awhile. 8)

    I agree with people that it's not worth waiting for PCI-Express 2.0. As far as the 8800GTX and GTS. If you can afford a $549 and $649 video card, then go for it. Based on history, this is my assumption as to what the cards will be priced at.

    Reason 1. NO COMPETITION from ATI. NVidia will be able to name their own price as having the only DX10 cards available even though their capability for DX10 will be irrelevant for the moment.

    Reason 2. These should be the fastest cards available. Maybe faster than 7900 GTX SLI or X1950XTX Xfire. If that's the case, when 2 X1950XTX's cost over $800, a $649 part that performs better will sound like a "bargain".

    The best bang for the "high-end" cards currently is the X1900XT 256MB at Chiefvalue.com for $255.

    If you are into overclocking, then the 7900GTO is the card for you.
  14. Purdue eh? good old Indiana? Anyways, look what I dug up here

    It seems to have a very different opinion of DX 9.0L than the inquirer. Honestly, I wish M$ would make a FREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT about it so that we can straighten this BS out, because it is of grave importance to gamers.
  15. I personally tend to believe that Dx9.L as a replacement for Dx10 on WXP. You know why... because they have no other choices. Tell me how many game dev will develop DX10 games if they only have the 5-15% of user that use WVista by the end of 2007. And what... max 30% by the end of 2008. I mean, how many poeple still use W98 and WME? Not performances users in general, but...

    From what I understand, Dx10 is so different than Dx9.0 in it's interactions with the OS that it can't be add to WXP. I know it might be total crap, but's that what they say. So there's 2 possibility. 1: They managed to do a "cut-down" version of it to get almost the same result but working on WXP. 2: They realized they would loose too much by giving Dx10 only to Vista users, so they magically pulled that rabbit out of their hat... see what I mean.

    Whatever the reason... if true I'm looking to the performances differences and end-result in the visual department before judging.
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