ok i need a psu and video card

ok i got my system a few months ago and i need to get a new video card and psu. i planned on doing it for awhile anyway here are my pc specs:
amd 3800+ (i think it says runs at 1.8ghz but i thought it runs at 2.0-2.2ghz i may be tghinking of something else)
1gb ram
is really all you need to know.
anyway i have 300 bucks to spend on a psu and video card i was looking at
a 7600gt,7800gtx or maybe a 7900gt or even a x1900gt
but for psu i have no clue what would fit iinto a acer pc. i know the case is an aspire so that really dosent tell if tis atx or btx. anyhelp advice ot links to newegg stuff will help me oput. i'm just mad because there all this great stuff coming with vista but i really dont have all the money in the world so this pc for under 500 i thought was a greata deal.
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  1. 3800+ = 2.2ghz. Unless its a DC chip then its 2ghz.


    PSU: Something quality, I've listed all the brands I trust, just look through if you have too, but dont skimp out.

    GPU: These cards flew off shelves.....

  2. for that cad how long will it last me before i have to upgrade? also i htink my 3800+ is not running at the full ghz its ment to run at waht do i do about that?
  3. If its a single core 3800 then it should be at 2.2 GHZ.If its a dual core then its to be 2.0.What you have to remember that your cpu will automatically downclock in speed when not being pressed.And that 1900gt should hold you til both ati and nVidia comes out with the new dx10 cards,tho nVidia is soo to release theirs in November
  4. If C&Q is enabled...then that might be half your problem with your CPU.
  5. yea its a single core yea dont know what c&q is or whatever you said. anyway yea i dont want to blow 250 on a psu/vidoe card if new stuff is on the way but i wont have all the cash to buy new mobos and stuff so i guess geting the video/psu is better then nothing right? how does that card do in games?
  6. If you want to wait...thats fine, nothing wrong with that.

    C&Q = cool n quiet. AMD CPU feature.
  7. the card is now not on newegg
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  9. anyone?
  10. Well do you play ALOT of games? how much do you wish to spend on a card? you said 300+ on a card/PSU but im thinking you might have a good PSU in there right now. if its 350+ watts you can run anycard medium/low end card you only need a beast of a PSU if you plan on running 7950GX. anyway i suggest a 7900GT as i have this game card and it can run all games pretty much on HIGH and now with the price drops the 7900GT is CHEAPER then the 7900GS! heres one a zipzoomfly going for 230$ with 40$ mail in rebates(so 190$) plus zipzoomfly doesnt charge tax or shipping!

    XFX PV-T71G-UCF7 GeForce 7900GT
  11. I thought 3800+ Venice core ran 2.4GHz with 512KB L2 cache like this one:

    anyway, since that mobo is probably not SLI or Crossfire, you should probably aim for a nice 450W+ PSU or a good, cheap 500W like this:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817148027
    or this:
    and then i would get a x1900gt or xt depending on your budget
  12. Video Card: Any X1950Pro at Zipzoomfly for $199.99. No MIR and free shipping. Currently, best bang for the buck. See here].

    Even with the new price of $189.99, the 7900GT has a price/perf of 3.66. This is very close to the X1950Pro but the key is that for the extra 10 bucks, you get better performance on average. The best thing to do is look at various benchmarks and see which one performs better at the games you will be playing.

    PSU: MSI TurboStream 600W - $78
  13. thanks i play alot of games. um like all the new games along with all those shooters
  14. . read the stiky about graphic cards price/performance.
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