E6600, P5W DH , ThermalRight 120 overclock, need help


I installed the Thermalright Ultra 120 this weekend. Was really no big deal to install. I really liked that.

Straight off the bat, it dropped my temps by 10C on idle. It didnt seem to change over the weekend. I was hoping for a 20C drop, so this is somewhat disappointing.


1) After following Wusy's guide to OC'ing, my computer is doing something different (obviously from a setting I must have changed). When I restart the computer, or push reset, it actually shuts down the power itself, before booting up again (ie. doesnt keep the fans and components running, /start /shut down/ restart, then boom, PC shuts down, and then restarts a few secs later). WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?

2) My computer still seems to be hanging a little. Takes forever to startup windows (I mean really long), and takes longer than usual to load a program. Once in, the program runs ultra fast, but just the loading and startup of apps takes forever. What could this be. If I had to isolate, could it be a MEMORY or HARD DRIVE issue?

3) MY TEMPS - this is the one I am REALLY worried about guys. When I use Intel Thermal Analysis Tool, it says my temps at idle are around 45C. When I hit "load" the PC, the temps shoot up into the 70s, and I am too scared to let it run too long. I just turn off load very quickly. PLEASE HELP on this. Why would temps spike so much? How high can it actually go. By disabling all the settings in Wusy's guide (protection settings etc), can I actually fry the CPU, or will it always just shutdown if too hot???

4) I think the PC may be a little unstable. I was playing a few games last night, and after 30min- 1 hour, it seemed to reboot randomly. Could this be a heat problem, or a lack of voltage problem??

Thanks guys. Check the signature for 3DMark06 and PCMark05 results. Woohoooo!

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  1. You sould not be getting 70C + when only running at 3GHz with an Ultra-120, something is wrong... What vcore are you using, have you put it up too high...
  2. Not 100% positive about this one but I think the "total" shutdown is a trick used by the mobo manufacturer, because when they did a 'reset' some values were not kept and it would stick to default value. I know it's a work around on some chipset, I think it was on the DFI with nForce4 SLI, so it might apply here as well.
  3. I infact havent adjusted the v-core yet. I just left it on auto. When I checked, it said it was running at 1.3XXX or something like that. I thought that was pretty good to get 3Ghz.

    1) Is Intel's Thermal analysis tool accurate. Do the temps actually reach that level when clicking "full load"? Why would they spike?

    2) Is it bad for the PC to completely shutdown when resetting? I dont think this is healthy.

  4. I thought my idle temps were ok at 48C. I will post a pic of some benchiez. Why would the temps spike so much?
  5. I have the same Motherboard as you but with a 6400

    1) It was strange for me also hitting the reset button or doing a restart in Win and seeing the computer shut down and back up again in both cases. In either case i rule this as "normal".

    2) No idea, reinstall Windows its easier.

    3) i installed a Zalman 9500 and my temps at idle (at 3ghz) is around high 30's at full load mid 40's. remove and reinstall your Heatsink. what is your vcore?
    Your 3dMark scores seem fine just a little on the low side, try lowering your multiplier and hitting 400 FSB, it's very easy with this board, and put your memory at 1:1 Ratio.

    Yesterday i hit 6499 in 3dmark06 with the 6400 and a 1900xtx.
  6. Geeez, your temps are awesome! I've checked the seating of the heatsink, and it's really fit well. I dont know what this could be. I had very high idle temps to begin with.

    Not sure what the v-core is (will check tonight), but it wil 1.34 something or other. Seemed pretty low as Wusy's guide said 1.4.

    What would cause the spike in temps so much.

    PS. When I touch the heatsink, it is ice cool (like cold metal). I really cant feel the smallest bit of heat on it. Is this normal?? Seems like it should be slightly warm right?
  7. i just looked at a pic for the ultra 120, do you have a fan in it?

    how is your case air flow?

    try opening up the case and see if that helps or some whay to force feed air in to the heatsink.
  8. Case is open, and its the P180B (great case). Also, I have a 120mm fan seated on the heatsink, so thats great.

    Like I said the HS insnt even hot, or warm. It feels like cool metal. That means it must be dissapating the heat appropriately.

    Im really worried about those spike in temps.
  9. Because the v-core voltage is set on auto, could this be the cause of the spike?

    ie. the demand on the CPU increases, and therefore the voltage increase too?? I didnt check that (newbie here). I just saw the v-core was idling at 1.3XXX.

    Did I do any damage while running the CPU at temps in the 70s?
  10. heat cuts CPU Life.

    I was experimenting yesterday with auto vcore and it wasn't stable at all, try putting stock everything and see where you start and go from there.

    If you have a really big spike of heat you should at least fill the Heatpipes get hot. try sitting the stock heatsink to see if it's back to normal temps.
  11. At stock, I was getting about 55C idle, and 65 load. When overclocked, I was getting 48C idle, and then I shutdown quckly at 75 load when it got there.

    I think 25 idle with this heatsink is too high. It should be in the 30s.

    There are two main probs here:
    -idlle temps without OC'ing are too high
    -the spike in temps and detla between idle and load are WAY too high

    Guys please help, any ideas?
  12. PS. On the mobo shutdown when resetting issue, seems like that is just normal. I would prefer it not to do that, but oh well.

    "Motherboard cold boots when you restart - Seems to be a standard feature in the motherboard although it doesn't seem to do it at stock"


    So problem 1 is solved! Please help on 2/3/4. THANKS! :lol:
  13. Could be a stupid question, but I used Asus update to update my BIOS. I think its at 1307 or something, released late August.

    I looked at Asus's website, and they have a 14.XX version, release July. I assume I have the right version?


  14. Just one sec - I see today they have it listed there as October. Geeeeez. I swear last night it said July. Gosh, well thats 1st step, update the BIOS.

    Please help on questions 2/3/4. THANKS!
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