Are these modules good for my CPU?


Thanks to people on this forum, I am learning a lot. I read all articles about speed, FSB, quad pumping, latency. There are still some concepts that are a little "cloudy" for me. I read somewhere that ratio 1:1 is ideal, but increasing the speed is sometimes beneficial, and it offsets the disadvantages of asynchronous timing. So I am planning to buy E6700 (FSB 1066MGz). For that CPU I am planning to use these memory modules:
Corsair™ 2Gb PC6400 XMS2 DDR2 TwinX Matched Pair Series (TWIN2X2048-6400C4). (running at 800MHz)

Is this good match for the CPU?"From your experience, are these worth the money?


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  1. They'll fit fine. They'll work fine. But you can get Value RAM which will work fine and cost less. It depends on what you do. Email and web surfing? Photoshop? Video editing? Heavy gamer? Do you like to play with the settings and overclock to experiment? If it's worth it, well, ask yourself if you are likely to notice the difference in memory speed. IMHO, the expensive "gamer" memory is for youngsters easily parted from their money. It's marketing. Inside a game or application you'll never notice the speed difference, as you would say with a slow disk or a less than steller video card. But that's me.

    If you think you can tell that uber memory is faster then by all means get it. Computers are like sport compact cars. Some people just buy a Civic to get to work. Some buy a Civic and add a little louder exhaust and tinted windows, and some bolt on turbos, lower it, and spend 6 grand on custom paint. Whatever makes you happy.
  2. Thanks for reply SciFiMan. Well, the computer will initially be used for some moderate home video editing in first few months, then once I edit and then burn the DVDs, video editing part will be occasional. (maybe once a quarter). I will do some gaming on it, nothing extreme, maybe a good relaxing few hours with Doom3 once a week... :-), other then that, it will be just web and email...

    However, I cannot find anything in value range running at 800MHz 44412 from my supplier. Is there any model you could recomend?

  3. Yes 1:1 with the FSB is the most beneficial.
    The FSB on a C2D runs at 266Mhz, meaning you would only need DDR2 553 to run STOCK speeds effectively.
    But if youll be OCing, youll need memory that has, either rated timings at the speeds you want to run or that youre sure itll run at those timings while OCing.
    OCZ Platinum Revision 2 will reach 550Mhz CL5. Its cheaper and better than Corsair.
  4. you only need 533mhz unless your planning on overclocking. If your not OC then buy some value ram it will work just fine.
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