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Hi there,
I have a video card that I am thinking of giving someone for use in a media center pc. Issue is - I think it is vastly overpowered for such a thing and I wanted to get some feedback as to how much is required. The card is <drum roll please> a eVGA Nvidia 7800 GTX 256 mb. Any help appreciated.

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  1. I have a similar problem, I am planning on building a new PC soon for multimedia use. I have an ATI AIW 800xl and Im wo ndering if it is over powered for a non gamer?
  2. Yes to both.

    The X800 XL and especially 7800 GTX are grossly overpowered unless you plan to game.

    A cheapo X1300 would do the trick.

    You'll probably also want a PVR/TV card like a theater 550 PRO or something, so you can input a cable TV signal, select channels from the remote, and record video to the hard disk.
  3. The problem is when i use the tv tuner on my AIW is that I have IO Digital cable and most of the premium channels are in the 300 range and the AIW tuner only lets u go up to around 150. So What I do is just use the Svideo output of my cable box and plug it into the AIW input and use the cable box to change channels. Now this kind of defeats the purpose because u lose alot of the tv tuner features of the AIW card. Is there a card that will let me plug in a cable signal and get all the channels that I pay for??
  4. The problem is that those channels are broadcast in encrypted QAM format. You cannot decode it legaly. You can use the reciever and software such as SageTV to pull it. Here is a link for a device that allows you to pull HD video and save it to your computer.
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