Which mobo for Core 2 Duo with 8-Phase Power!?


I'm looking to upgrade to C2D! I have an OCZ GamerXstream 600w PSU with 2 x 4pin 12v connectors for 8-phase power motherboards!

Which motherboard uses the 8-phase power connectors and supports Core 2 Duo!?

Many thanks!
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  1. Quote:
    Which motherboard uses the 8-phase power connectors and supports Core 2 Duo!?

    Asus P5W DH has 8 phase power and doesnt have the 2x12V connector for the cpu. It's not really neccesary I think its just a second rail.
    Asus P5B Deluxe has the 8 phase power and the 2x12v connector and is by the way one of the best mobos for ocing conroe.
  2. Why do you think that you need 8-phase?
    Heck the Gigabyte DQ6 uses 12 ....

    From what I understand the latest versions of the Asus P5 are going to be 4-phase.

    The 2x4-pin is for 8-pin EPS sockets, they don't have to have 8-phase (most aren't).
  3. True, the 2x4-pin has nothing to do with 8-phase voltage.

    Pick among the P5B Deluxe and the DQ6 those two are the best at OCing C2D. Yes, alot better than the 975X chipset.
  4. Why are they better then the 975 chipsets. I thought the 975's were supposed to be the best for performance?
  5. And they should be because theyre more expensive, but the only worthy reason to get a 975X would be for crossfiring without any losses (the P965 looses some). The Abit AW9D-MAX and the Foxconn 975X7AB-8EKRS2H are the two best at OCing.
    Even though theyre still owned by the P5B Deluxe at FSB and by the DQ6 at raising voltages. Thats why these are more recommended for the E6300 and E6400.
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