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I am contemplating building a SFF computer based on the Shuttle SK22G2. However, the specs list the power supply as 200w. Isn't this way too small for for driving anything but a bare minimum of hardware? For example, can I add a decent video card or am I forced to stick to the integrated graphics on the motherboard? Would I have a problem running 2GB of ram in such a small box? Or should I rethink this and just go with a standard case?

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  1. I have a shuttle system right now with a 200watt PSU in it. My advice, stay away! I added a 9800 Pro into mine along with a 2nd hard drive and slowly over time it killed the PSU. I don't know if the new shuttles have better power supplies but 200 watts doesnt give you any extra power to play with.
  2. You can get 250w (and maybe 300w) power supplies from Shuttle to replace what's in there. However, Shuttle does have a "compatibility" list with a number of video cards tested on the computer:
    so you can certainly add a PCIexpress video card. Just use common sense; I certainly wouldn't mount more than one hard drive and one optical drive in such a computer.
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