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Their shipping is very slow, their customer service will lie to you, and their website is very deceiving. It took them over a month to get my shipment to me even though I was told everything was in stock. Their customer service insisted my order was shipped 3 days after I made it and blamed the problem on the post office, but when I got my shipment it was postmarked 3 WEEKS after I ordered. Also, they sent me the model of motherboard I specifically not asked them to send. Lastly you have to hunt around their website to find different pages that contain pieces of their return policies. My first and last experience with
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  1. Hmm,

    I have had 2 orders from them and both times went great. Got everything I ordered in 2-4 days. Sorry you didn't have a good experience. I also used their online support and was very helpfull. Of course I have only ordered things that say they are in stock so I don't know what results I would have on the "call" or "limited". I also did all of my ordering through online. The only trick is if you send in an order and its not in by 1pm Texas time they won't even look at it until the next day.

    I will agree though that the web page can be hard to find things if you don't exactly know what to look for. I also hate when you click on "details" and get nothing.

    "Sorry Sir we can't replace your Toshiba cup holder....Toshiba does not make cup holders."
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