Free download driver for hcl-ec2 wifi driver

plz tell how to start my WiFi in windows 8 i don't have drivers
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  1. You will have to download drivers for your device. for most common devices windows will have a device driver to use. Make sure your device wifi is not turned off, if it is windows will not detect and automatically download a driver.

    from the windows desktop, press <windows key> +x then press M key
    this will bring up device mangager. look down the list to network adapters and see if windows detected your wifi network adapter. if it did you need to download the driver using a Ethernet cable or another machine. If it did not detect the wifi adapter, it is likely turned off in the BIOS, or it might have software or custom key strokes to turn it on. (depends on the brand, make and model of your machine)

    Note: Is hcl-ec2 a wireless device? it looks like a phone modem device when I tried to find it.
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