Need a few Suggestions for my ATI decision.

Ok, I am going to get this MOBO. Along with a AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (for now I can suffice, mabe OC it, until X2s and FXs lower in 6-12 months.)

I need an ATI PCI-e GPU for under $150. Newer would be better. Prefer DDR3, 256mb, 12 or more pixel lanes, crossfire ready. I MIGHT upgrade to crossfire in 6 months or so.

I will not get the GPU until early next month. Hopefully, the DirectX10 will lower prices.

Thanks guys.
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  1. Right now I am gaming at 1024x768, but will get a new monitor to support 1280x1024 later when wide 19 inchers fall.
  2. Under $150, the X850XT is best choice.
  3. Does the higher number, like 850, 1600, 1900 in ATI cards mean they are newer, sometimes?

    How about this one compared to the X850XT PE?

  4. Usually.

    Don't look at it that way though. X1600 is worse than a X850XT, but has features like SM 3.0 and OpenEXR HDR.

    I would take the X850XT over any X1600 though.
  5. X1650....
  6. the x1600XT deal that the other guy showed was actually apretty nice deal also why ATI? if you got a 7600GT it would do everything need.
  7. Well, if I get an ATI mobo, its cheaper than nvidia, then I can spend more money on other stuff.

    What about this 1650?

  8. well maybe but that x1650 was dd2 while the Gf 7600Gt is GDDR3.
    and what ATI mobo are you going to go with?
  9. I'll just throw my quick $.02 in here to support all of what has been said

    X850 > X800 > X1600, but 7600GT > all that. X1650, not sure yet.

    Here in Canada (eh), a store ( has X800XLs for $130 (cdn, which is like $0.50 american i think (joking)).

    I've got 2 and they rock, but the 7600gt is a much superior card.

    The x1600 is a loosers video card...

    The x1900gt is getting becoming very tempting as prices plummet
  10. The mobo is in my first post.
  11. X1650's are performer's in the right hands. I actually should be able to give a review here in the next couple of weeks as I'm picking one up. However look online, its a step in the right direction for lower midranged ATI GPU"s.....

    I'd take one over a 7600GT yes...
  12. Well remember guys, I wont get the GPU until early next month. Thats the first I will be able to get one.

    Hey guys, look at this.

    BFG 7600GT OC -$144, $114 after mail in rebate!

    You guys like that one? Its OCed already.

    This are my wish lists. Case, PSU, HDD, CD, and CPU are same.


  13. Quote:
    Well, if I get an ATI mobo, its cheaper than nvidia, then I can spend more money on other stuff.

    Um... you can get an nVidia card and use it with a ATI board, I know you said you were looking at adding crossfire later but that really isn't a good option price wise. You'd be better off buyin one good card than buying two mediocre cards.
  14. As a believer in supporting the little guy (ie ATI, AMD, etc), I usually pull for said companies, but the x1600XT was the absolute worst thing I've bought (ie returned it losing 15% restocking fee, with a smile).

    If you really want a new 'shader model 3' video card, and it needs to be ati, and you're too cheap to buy a x1800/x1900, just get the x1300 since it'll game just as poorly as the x1600 (ie wtf is the point of shader model 3 when it only runs at 4 frames per second????????????????????????).

    Buying an x800xl or x850 for roughly the same as a x1600 is my advice to any gamer. The only thing I don't like about my x800xl (and x1900gt) is ATI's excessively lame driver bloatware (aka catalyst).

    Having said all that, i've never used a x1650, so I can't say whether or not the guys at ATI fixed the crazy bottlenecks the x1600s regularly hit (sure it'll run some games okay, but the x8xx are better overall and the 7600gt pushes all the ati stuff around until you go x18/x19 (which are really really hot and loud from my experiences, though they are kick ass))

    There are reasons why the x1600 is a nice video card, but at gaming, it might as well be an x1300....

    Oh, as for brands, umm bfg is good (ie american company with lifetime warranty), but, but: the stock oc means further oc'ing voids the warranty, likewise for replacing the stock cooler. For this reason I now prefer Evga for nvidia, or Xfx if the price is right. But I've never had a problem with my BFG cards (cept that whole Nvidia Nforce3 + 6x00GT glitch, that was absolutely retarded, but not bfg's fault (frickin nvidia...)

    But, as always, the longer you wait the better/cheaper your purchase will be...
  15. What bottlenecks??? -- Their design?? -- explain a bit.


    Trying to be a little more nice. How much experience do you have with the X18 and 19 serious Oz? And more importantly, you realize AMD & ATI arent the "little guys" anymore correct?
  16. Well, I really dont plan on OC the GPU. So that is not a problem.
  17. Well I ain't a PHD of the PN junction, but the x1600 I bought was roughly as good as my 6600gts. Subsequent benchmarks proved what I had feared: no matter how much vram you give it (ie 512mb), the x1600 always performed worse than my x800xl, which was cheaper.

    My 7600gt kills all that crap, and supports sm3, but bogs down at high resolutions (1680x1050) and/or when the eye candy is turned up.

    I was quite fearfull of the x18/x19 cards since my roommates x1800xt sounded worse than my old P4 and also supplied his room with unwanted geo-thermal power.

    The 1900gt I then got (a$$fire brand), is hot, and loud, but finally allowed me to play oblivion with some hope of going outside and not throwing my computer out the window (you'd know what i was talking about if you've played the game).

    So, $100 = x800/x850; ~$200 = 7600gt, more = x1900 unless heat/noise and/or crappy bloated software are big concerns, then 7900gt.

    And, it may still be a 2 horse race in the pc cpu world, but intel just laid off more staff than AMD has, so I still consider AMD the underdog.

    Granted I wouldn't touch AMD for a performance system right now (budget system maybe/probably).

    Ati on the other hand is a weird story. The canadian angle, plus my using them since isa vga wonder cards, but again, recent experience with 80deg C gpus and their crappy crappy catalyst software makes me kinda hate buying ati.... But like AMD, their recent price drop helps me forget those issues and get back to hunting 'man', the most dangerous prey of all (al a bf2).

    But fanboy'ism has some benefits to it. AMDs mix of crazy fanboys + solid K8 architecture forced intel to make core2, which cause AMD to cut its prices in half, which caused all of us to get better computers for less money.... So if nobody supported the little guy, the only winner would have been intel's shareholders. Well them and the recently booming aftermarket cooling industry (call me crazy, but H2O is for drinking)

    Oh, if only Apple would let Intel dump netburst stockpiles into their Lisa landfill as payback for saving the macbook... The world would be a cooler place.... (I still think the x1900 is too hot, i really do)
  18. If u r looking at ATI, don't look below x1900gt, for $195 this a very good card SAPPHIRE Radeon x1900GT

    If u decide on nVidia then 7600GT or 7900GS. 7900GS is same price as x1900gt.
  19. Thanks guys. I know now that ATI is not a better deal than NVIDIA. I will just go with the BFG one I told you about earlier. Hopefully when I get it, early-mid next month, the price will drop, or I get a cheap DirectX10 gpu, dont know how much that they will be.

    Thanks again!
  20. I managed to get a connect3D x1900GT for $175 after a $75 mail-in-rebate. It is not all that loud- in fact, I have only heard it when the computer boots- but it's a big card and may be a little tight in a smaller case. For $175, it's about the best performance buy out there. It certainly is a fast old OpenGL-based games generally run near 70-100 fps in 1600x1200 with the eye candy all the way up in Linux. And since the Windows drivers are roughly twice as fast as the Linux ones, you'll NOT be disappointed with such a unit. Beats the pants off of my old 6200TC something fierce.
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