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Hi, i feel a bit pissed right now cuz i hate looking for something and not finding it, especially when its a common thing that i think everbody should know... Anyway, I bought an aiw x800xt and the card is working perfectly. I'm using OmegaDrivers, not official ati drivers. I'm trying to plug my Playstation on the card using the aiw slot. I'm 100% sure everything is connected correctly and everything, but i just CAN'T find where i need to go to tell my computer to switch to the aiw, to see my psx... I dunno if i need a small program or what.. PLEASE help me. im getting nuts here.. thanks a lot!

ps: i tryed some stuff... i installed the official catalyst 6.9 with ccc and everything, installed UCI thing which is supose to install the DAO thing, installed ati multimedia center thing, ati tray tools thing... God damnit what is wrong with this.. i just wanna play with my playstation......
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  1. I'm not sure what you're saying...

    What do you mean by 'switching to your AiW'? Is the AiW your only GPU? Or do you have the AiW and another GPU?

    If it's your only GPU, then you need to open up a capturing program. ATI's app is called ATI Multimedia Center (it on their website in Drivers & Software section under All-In-Wonder).

    You can't actually use an AiW (or any tuner card) as a direct method of connecting an external device. You have to do it through a program.
  2. Yes, the aiw x800xt is my only gpu. I guessed that i needed a program to capture the image sent to the aiw port in order to see it. The Multimedia Center is one of the things i installed but even with that installed i can't figure how to make it work, or should i say, how to capture the image send by my playstation to the video card. On the ATI Multimedia LauchPad I have: Player, VCD, CD, FM Radio, TV, Library. I tried all the button.. nothing gives me my playstation image...
  3. Bring up TV and change input connectors. I use the classic interface, where the input connector is located on the right hand corner of the control menu. If you click the thing that looks like a cable end you can go to "composite" or "svideo".
  4. aight thx.. its working now.. kinna... I had to install the encoder from ati drivers... its working now but is it normal its not real time? like i feel my console lags a little, like .5 seconds, which is too much actually.. it says if i wanna use the port for console i should enable tv-on-demand, which i did not.. so how come it lags like that.. it is normal? even the sound jumps a little... and my CPU is running at 14% so i guess its not that... any ideas?
  5. Is yours AGP or PCI-E?
  6. ATI radeon x800xt AGP 256mb

    You're lucky, the AGP version is the last card to support the old drivers. I wrote special ini's and inf's for mine that allow it to autoload the WDM_SP drivers.

    Basically you have to force it to load WDM_SP drivers and use the audio passthrough cable, rather than using the AVS_T200 driver and passing audio through the AGP slot.

    It works good. Really. The article above explains an easier way to do it, using previous drivers.
  8. can't i simply pass the sound directly through my soundcard and disable the tuner sound buffer? I tried connecting the sound in my soundcard... now the sound doesnt lag put the video still lags the same.... I tried downloading OmegaDrivers with catalyst 4.11beta, i installed them, and uh... no difference... maybe i should do like you? Could you show me how to do it like you? or at least and idea? thanks a lot for your patience!
  9. Let me find the modifications I made...
  10. nice thx!
  11. gah, I can't find the modifications I made. Basically you have to force your card to use WDM drivers (those for the AIW inputs) from either an early catalyst package (4.11 or before) or the files from the WDM_SP folder of newer drivers (Catalyst 4.12-6.5).
  12. Go into hardare ID for the device from the driver under device manager and I'll see if I can find where I added it.
  13. I can't remember the hardware id, but if it's ntativrv35 I must have added the following to WDM_SP.ini

    ;35 ADDED*************************************************
  14. lol ok uh... im not SO good in computers so.. i think ill give up... I just can't beleive ATI never fixed this... I'm kinna dissapointed.
  15. They did "fix" it. They gave up on pleasing you or me and fixed the stuttering issue...without eliminating the buffer. You really need to uninstal the WDM drivers and install either pre-NSP or WDM_SP drivers from another catalyst package. It's really rather simple.
  16. aight.. ill try again tomorrow when i have all my head again
  17. ok today i really tried everything i thought of... nothing at all works... i dont care if the sound is not working since i can just plug the playstation directly into my headset.. all i want is to remove the .5 second video lag i have.. I installed every single new drivers. I downloaded catalyst 5.6 that has the WDM SP in it. In a similar thread i found ( ) it talks about ATI WDM Rage Theater Video NSP. I actually have no such thing, though i remember i saw it before... so I dont know why i dont have that anymore under device manager, so instead i replace the drive on the T200 something device with the WDM SP drivers. Result: no difference. Maybe tomorrow I'll try installing catalyst 5.6 directly instead of the 6.9 and the WDM of the 5.6. I dunno if its a very good idea for everything else, like playing games... I'm still open to ideas here, I really REALLY wish i can resolve this issue. ( actually when something bothers me on my computer i usually dont give up until i resolve it, have proof that what im trying to do is impossible, or i get totally nuts and give up )
  18. Ok i read some where that using a differect video capture program could work, for example virtualdub, which i had somewhere on my computer for a long time, so i tried it, and it does work. ALMOST no more lag, the only problem now is that i can't have the image full screen, at least i didnt see any option for it.

    Would anybody know about another video capture program i could use other than the ATI Multimedia Center to have video capture without lag and fullscreen? thx... somehow i'm getting there lol....
  19. First, get rid of your T200 drivers. You need to get those completely out of your system to make sure they don't re-load. Next, get rid of your Catalyst drivers, completely. Reboot and instal ONLY graphics drivers from a file that has only graphics drivers. Then instal WDM_SP drivers.
  20. I installed the MMC version that was on my Installation CD (which i never usually use) which was v9.03 (I had v9.15 installed). I don't have lag anymore. I also removed the T200 drivers and replace them with ATI WDM Rage Theater Video (before backrooling to 9.03). I'll try reinstalling 9.15 and see if it still lags. if it does I'll try deleting the T200 drivers completelly before reinstalling everything and delete them from the 6.9 catalyst package, swapping them with the WDM_SP from catalyst 5.6...
  21. Great. Then the next time you do a Catalyst upgrade, use the graphics driver only!
  22. But if i dont install catalyst... I wont have any place to change the graphic card options right? like the CCC or the control panel? And i still need to install the Encoder drivers, the avivo drivers and the MMC right?
  23. Use the version of MMC that ATI says works best with your WDM (tuner) drivers. You can download the separate Graphics driver if you want to upgrade that portion, because ATI's driver page offers individual components (mostly for people who use a dial-up connection).

    As for me, I don't run CCC or dotnet 1.1, and I don't even use ATI's installer package. Instead, I run the automatic extractor and put the files where I want, then point device manager to the file where the drivers are stored.
  24. For now i didn't change anything, but the image is a little blurry compare to tv. is there a setting somewhere to make it look more TV like (more clear), or is this how it is?
  25. Yeh, drop your resolution to 640x480. Really, the fuzzy edges are masked by the TV's low resolution, unless you're using an HDTV and component video connection.
  26. how do i do that? It seems my minimum resolution setting is 800x600 in display properties.
  27. I think you have to use F8 at boot loader and choose "Enable VGA mode"
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