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After having our internet down for about 2 weeks( horrible service provided by bell) it now seems our wireless isnt working. In the process of our internet being fixed we received a new modem. Currently our main computer is own a ethernet, we are using a Thomson speedtouch 516, and a Netgear MR314 router. When the router is turned on there appears to be a wireless signal, as i can detect on the other computer, however, i cannot connect to it.

According to Netgear, we must open up the Web configuration screen ( and setup the router and our problems will be fixed. Unfortunaltly, we cannot access this screen as it "cannot be dispayed" . Could anyone lend some advice to how we may access the Web configuration screen, or any other advice concerning this issue.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. hello dude 1st thing you need to call is your isp.make sure your pc can go online directly into the modem.after that call netgear so that they can help you set up the router with your isp settings. :wink:
  2. Connect your computer directly to the router. Check to make sure you're picking up an IP address of - if not, you're not getting DHCP from the router.. at that point, you have problems. Bad cable? Or if it's all property of your ISP, you'll have to contact them.
  3. You probably have to set up your new modem. If you are using DSL and going through Bell, your DSL most likely requires authentication. They aren't going to configure your modem for you; they don't make money that way as they have a multi-PC service they charge for...

    Look at the following link for helpful info:
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