memory all the same ie ddr2667 cas3 = ddr2800 cas4???

hi trying to compare the best value ive seen 667 memory with cas 3 and was wondering is this really ddr800 cas4 or if the chip is really designed as ddr2667.

comparing values,

which would be a better value for the same price

ddr2 667 cas3 2gb
ddr2 800 cas4 2gb

it seems that when overclocking you can increase the speed and adjust the timings so im wondering if these are the same just branded differntly.

im not speaking of any particlar brand or module just value comparison in general.

thanks for all who give your advice, sorry no links here im speaking general value. going into a conroe build with a e6600 if that makes a differnce probably the nforce 680
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  1. They're close. Strictly speaking, DDR2-800 CL4 = DDR2-600 CL3.
  2. Remmber that overclocking and underclocking isnt a warranty. But given that we know who the chips regulary perform we can make accurate predictions.
    In both of the two situations youve stated they modules would be using Micron D9GMH chips. Such chips can do 667 CL3, 800 CL4 and 1000 CL5 at 2.2+v
    Remember to always research on the specific modules youll be buying to have a more accurate parameter about their potential.
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