Speed Fan Help - temp/volt discrepancy

Started OC'ing my new 6300 rig, got a Zalman 9500. Nothing serious yet, just some light OC with stock volts, etc and just raising the FSB to 333 (2.33 ghz).

In any case, I'm noticing some discrepancies in different programs when I monitor the temps and volts. I would expect a bit of variance, but Speedfan is showing something more significant. Check out these screenies......am I missing something or doing something wrong? EasyTune and CoreTemp show the temps to be fine and less divergent.

Anyone have any ideas? Settings in Speedfan? I'm assuming the outlined temp/volt is the 2nd core? A 0.5v difference??!! Something seems wrong......

Weird thing is, all settings are stock (vCore, vFSB, MCH, etc). Anyone have any theories??

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  1. Good point. Core Temp and EZ Tune read very similar. And now that I think about it, you're right, I don't think Speedfan recognized my mobo. That could be the problem right there.

    To be sure, I double checked BIOS and all the volt settings are stock, and with such a minor overclock I can't imagine temp probs..........

    Thanks for the help!
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