SCSI Raid 0 Question.

Is it possible to have a RAID 0 Array with 4 SCSI disks over 2 channels on a single controller? Say for example, taking 4 36gb Fujitsu 15k U320 SCSI drives and hooking 2 of them on channel 1 and the other 2 on channel 2, all of them creating one Raid 0 array. Or would they have to be setup all on one channel? I am not sure what SCSI Raid card to get yet.

And, would there be a difference between a seperate Raid card, than the built in one on the SuperMicro X7DA8?

I hope this makes sense to someone...

Thanks in advance.
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  1. In theory, you can do the RAID 0 over 1 to 2 separate SCSI channels. If you are using the RAID card, you should follow their instruction to achieve the maximum performance and data reliability. There are one major difference between the RAID card and onboard RAID. RAID card has a separate CPU to run the RAID function. Onboard RAID will require the motherboard CPU to perform the RAID function. Depending on your system and application, you might observe performance degradation. In my experience, you should go with the RAID Card. I assume you know RAID 0 provide excellent performance with ZERO data protection. With one drive fail, you will loss the entire volume.
  2. Yes, I know of the risks of Raid 0, I have a seperate server thats running a raid 5 array and I do backups almost everyday on every machine, I will have to upgrade it soon because when I build my new computer( it's specs are in another post by me, if you're intrested) then I will need more storage to hold the backups.

    Thanks for the info.
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