Good overclocking socket 478 board? (Will buy YOURS!)

I have an old Celeron 335 (I think?) 2.8Ghz socket 478. I have enough random parts around to build a PC, except I lack a socket 478 mobo. I was going to mess around with some slightly "extreme" OCing, friend milled a copper block similar to a water block and he fills it with acetone and drops in a block of dry ice and gets some pretty low temps if he stirs it :P Apparently the 335 OC's to 3.8 or so on air, and that was awhile ago so I can probably find a better cooler for daily use. Going to toss the PC together and give to my young cousins to play their "Lego Racing" games and whatnot.

Anyway, if anyone can recommend a very cheap (sub $40) socket 478 mobo that has some decen OCing ability that would be great!

Also, eBay is fine, or anyone that has an old board around, PM me and I may purchase it from you.
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  1. I have Asus P4P800 Deluxe. Its facilitiy for OC is quite extreme (imo, it can reach 400MHz step). But i won't sell it cuz i still use it. I hope you can get it in the market for around 40$.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but it seems cheapest I can find the board is about $100. Looking for something a fair amount cheaper, was just going to do this as a little side project.
  3. Have you tried the egg ? i saw some mobo 478 less than 70$.
    Asus P4S800D is 59.99$ for example. There's another though.
    Good hunting.
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