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Last response: in Wireless Networking
February 4, 2006 2:16:30 PM

I currently have a 802.11b network...and it runs fine most of the time. Our internet is slower than the 54 mbps the router runs at, so will there be any advantages to upgrading to 802.11n in the future?

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February 4, 2006 2:22:00 PM

No, not if your router is just 802.11g. With a "standard" g router, best you'll get is with g NICs.
February 4, 2006 4:42:50 PM

wait...we are talking about b and n not g!
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February 4, 2006 8:12:24 PM

I personally would wait till the standard has been finalized. 2 years from now the way they are going, and the way it went with g. Other wise you may have equipment that is obsolite. This was the same when G was released. Most of the early ones could not be upgraded to meet the 11g standard. There flashram was too small and the processors for doing the WPA security was to weak. When active there was a major speed lost. If you are needing to upgrade I would stick with 11g std. It is backwork compatable to 11b. But it will slow the whole network down with mix (b & g).
February 8, 2006 1:44:32 PM

wait...we are talking about b and n not g!

Yeah, you mentioned you had a .11b device but then you mentioned 54Mb as well. .11b is 11 Mb. .11g is 54Mb.

Our internet is slower than the 54 mbps the router runs at

If your router is 11b then it isn't running at 54Mb.

As far as .11n, if you need to upgrade or replace your existing device then some of the Pre-N stuff would suit you well. Typically they add some fairly significant cell coverages as well as a speed bump. The standard won't take two more years. Probably sometime late summer or next fall and gnerally speaking flashes will work as they did more often than not with the pre G hardware. If your WLAN functioning acceptably then there is no reason to upgrade.