Understanding CPU Temps..?

My reason for this thread is to understand why everything in my case feels COOL, and my CPU temp shows 45-50C idle.

I want to point out 2 things from the get go.

1) I have a Sonata 2 case with the standard Antec Smartpower 450Watt PSU, which has 2 fans in it. The back one is featured to only turn on when reached a certain temp. Reason for point this out in *POINT 2*.

2) I have just tinkered with my case fans and my Zalman 9500HSF. I turned my 2 Antec TriCool case fans to low, and my Zalman HSF all the way down, which makes the computer nice and quite the reason I built this computer, 2 months ago. So after I turned everything as low as it could go I turned on Prime 95 on both cores, the CPU got to 64C and my back PSU fan didn't kick in... Which doesn't make any sense if everything was really this HOT.

My Computer Specs are as followed

Case - Sonata 2
CPU - Pentium D 805 ( Yes I know lol, I bought it at the time for the price ) I didn't know id have to buy a 50+$ HSF.
Mobo - ASUS P5B
Memory - Corsair XMS DDR2-800 2 X 512
HSF - Zalman 9500Led
Harddrives - 2 WesternDigital's

Temps as I type this 99% idle.

Mobo 33C
Room Temp Probably about under 25C
2 Antec TriCool Case fans - High, Zalman 9500 HSF - Maxed

*Question* - So to put the question as brief as possible, what are the chances that the temps that im reading are quite a bit off, considering nothing feels remotely hot in my case and I'm sure everything is seated correctly.

Thank you for any of your comments and time.

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  1. The chances that they are off are not huge, but they can be off sometimes, though not usually by that much. The temps on my rig were really high when I put on my Zalman for the first time, I then found out later that the 9500 has a concave base, so you cannot do the razor method, you have to do the blob and smoosh method for your AC5, it dropped my temps down at least 10 degrees. That could explain why your Zalman does not feel the least bit warm, because it's not getting enough heat from it. Mind you, even when it has good contact and high temps, it doesn't feel warm anyways.

    The thing about the antec power supply is that it doesn't derive the temp from the CPU, it does it from an internal temp monitor, and you have the two tricools in there so you should have good airflow, which means the power supply isn't getting very warm and the fan doesn't need to turn on.
  2. I did the finger in plastic bag spreading method, im pretty sure its on as good as it can get, I dont really wanna redo it anytime soon. Always have the possibility that it gets werse or something goes wrong.

    Open for as many comments or suggestiond as possible

    Very much appreciated. Thanks Storm~
  3. All my fans are on High and maxed out, my airflow is as good as it can get. The 2 Antec TriCool fans are on high and I beleive is pushing 79CFM and my Zalman 9500HSF is all the way up on high.

    Still open for any comments or suggestions.

    Very much appreciated. Thanks Storm~
  4. what kind of thermal lube you use? i suggest artic silver 5
  5. does it have air intake on the front bottom of the case? I put a board to raise it for better airflow
  6. I use ASUS silent squre cooler in my OC Pentium D 945(4.26Ghz/Vcore 1.4500).fan speed is 1900rpm max very quite
    My Idle temp is 41-43C.
    Load temp 60-64C(Depending on my room temp)

    try it :D it's not damn expencive .
  7. @stallyn

    1) Yes im using Arctic Silver 5

    2) I have my computer sitting on a shelf for like a desk ( wood ) so about half inch off the ground.

    3) I have all the fans my Antec Sonata 2 supports, the front case fan really isnt at the front front but I have a front fan.


    I checked it out I beleive its like 50+$, and I dont have that kinda money.

    Appreciate the comments and suggestions keep them coming please.

    Thanks Storm
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