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1080p HDTV tuner card, best one?

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
October 17, 2006 7:19:08 AM

Hey im building a sweet HDTV media center for my new home and i'm confused on 1 thing, the tuner card, i heard about the new resolution 1080p which is the resolution im gonna have on my new TV, and i know no companies boardcast in 1080p signal in america YET i would like to prepare for the future and find a good 1080p HDTV tuner card

also another reason i want 1080p resolution is that im buying a PS3 soon and i would like to capture some movies and gameplay from the PS3 and the PS3 blu ray agmes support 1080p res

I also heard that u need 2 tuner cards for HDTV tuners or something like that, if someone can please clarify that for me too i would appreciate it very much, thank you in advance, and god bless

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October 17, 2006 8:37:44 AM

here is one link that you may find intresting.
check the technotrend premiun cards.
there are hdtv and dual tuner cards.good luck.
October 17, 2006 9:17:00 AM

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but all current HDTV capture cards capture only over-the-air HDTV. (possibly non-encrypted cable channels? these would be the same channels as over-the air right?)

You won't be able to record from most Hi-Def cable channels anyway.

You should be able to record from devices that plug into the hi-def svideo in (make sure and get the hi-def one), but that defenitley wouldn't include Hi-Def movies.

EDIT: TeraMedia later informed me that there is no such thing as a hi-def s-video type input. :?

Sony would have a fit if you could find a way to make to make backups of hi-def movies that you own :wink:

I don't see why you would need two tuners for HD. As far as I know two tuners just lets you record two things at the same time.
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October 17, 2006 1:18:52 PM

There are capture cards that are proprietary that capture HD cable and satellite, but they are extremely pricey and I do not believe they are available in the US. Other than that, in the US, you can only capture HD via OTA or by having a secondary device set as your capture device (like a DVD/VHS player, etc.) that you are pulling from. Also, I am not aware of a 1080p card - I may be wrong, but I believe the highest on the market is 1080i. I personally use a ATI card and I have to say, the picture is beautiful but it takes up to 5 seconds for the channel to change after pushing the remote control button, making channel surfing a pain.
October 18, 2006 9:56:30 AM

ok i did some research and this is what i came up with

yes theres 1080p cards, bad part they dont capture signal they just record whatever u plug in not read or decode cable signals

havn't found a 1080p recorder for TV signal

you said some are aviable over seas? im willing to pay the shipping cost

i want to be able to record, for examples hi def football game without OTA just my normal cable signal or useing a hi def cable box

i looked for a 1080p card on that over seas website in the second reply i couldn't find a resolution

should i just wait for vista and wait till ATi relases one for vista? is there any out at all now? are they vista compatiable?
October 18, 2006 11:19:32 AM

Sorry, when I said they were overseas, I meant that some cable companies overseas are allowing HD recordings, none that I know of at 1080p and no cable companies that I know of in the US are giving out the codes to tuner man. to record HD from their sources. You are only looking at OTA for what you want to do or having a secondary device decode your signal first and capturing from that device. The Vista side of the story is only hype until it actually happens. For example, rumors of an ATI that would allow HD cable broadcasts recordings persisted until they released their HD tuner card, which did not have those features. Who really knows if it will happen until it does.
October 18, 2006 5:55:22 PM

EDIT: Again... No such thing as a hi-def s-video type input

You may be able to plug your set top box into a hi-def s-video in on your capture card. I know some set top boxes can be controlled via firewire. I have never tried this though. This would let you record your hi-def football game for example. HI-Def movies won't work because they require an HDCP HDMI port. You might find more info at the MythTV wiki, even if your not planning on using MythTV.
October 18, 2006 7:48:29 PM

I have a couple of the DVICO FusionHDTV5 cards that i use to record off my digital cable (they will also do OTA HD and regular analog signals). Like was said earlier it only records from non-encrypted channels which limits my HD sources to 4 (the local ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS).

I don't think that 1080p would be any different for the card to handle than 1080i or 720p or even the 480i (544x480) that rest of the channels use if 1080p were available since it just records the transport stream to the hard drive with no recoding or encoding done it would just be a bigger file.

I do believe that cable cards are coming (I am not real familiar with them right now since I don't believe any are available yet) that will allow the direct recording of the encrypted signals that you are permitted by your provider, but I wonder what DRM issues they may have if you want to do anything other than just view them later. I edit mine 1st and usually recode to xvid before I view them and I don't think that will be possible with those files (it is a problem with certain shows/movies recorded with Windows MCE right now).

As far as capping movies from the PS3 I would guess that nothing is available now and may never be at 1080p because of the DRM involved.
October 18, 2006 8:17:50 PM

Careful. There's some mis-info on this thread.

In the US:
- nobody broadcasts 1080p; it's either 1080i or 720p. I doubt this will change in the next ~10 years because it increases the data rate substantially.
- S-Video is not HDTV. It conforms to NTSC, which is ~480 lines max.
- you can use an ATI HDTV Wonder or another HDTV card to record OTA HDTV.
- there are no tuner cards I'm aware of that support QAM (cable HDTV), though I haven't looked at the DVICO yet.
- you only need a second (analog) tuner card if you are using Win MCE. This is because Win MCE requires an analog tuner if you want to watch / record TV, and it cannot use the analog tuner on the ATI HDTV card for this purpose. If you use the ATI media center app, you can use just the one card.
- Check out when you have some time, and look for recording HDTV over firewire. Some people are successfully doing this, so you conceivably could as well. This is probably your best bet, but tt's not clean or easy.

There are a lot of rumors that Vista will support HDTV recording. It looks like MSFT is considering that to be the "DRM-secure" O/S, so they're enabling blu-ray, HD-DVD, HDCP, and hopefully recorded cable HDTV in the 64-bit version of that release.

So, in a nutshell you're a bit early. You can watch / record OTA HDTV now, and you may be able to get some HDTV out of your cable STB.

As for recording PS3 video: If you record the S-Video, it won't be beautiful but perhaps it will suffice for your needs? I don't know of a consumer device that can receive hi-def digital video in (e.g. over HDMI) and record it.

Good luck to you. If you find any news to the better, please reply.
October 19, 2006 2:05:42 AM


Careful. There's some mis-info on this thread.
S-Video is not HDTV. It conforms to NTSC, which is ~480 lines max.

I may have used used the incorrect term, however I don't believe I posted mis-information. I found this on wikipedia:

"VIVO is featured on some video cards, such as the Nvidia GeForce range and the ATI Radeon series. It can receive input from RCA or S-Video sources. However, at this time, S-Video is more widely used for VIVO by both Nvidia and ATI. Basically what this does is allow you, for example, to watch TV on your computer, and then without switching cables, watch what you would see on your computer - on your TV.

Some VIVO cables also support the output of component luminance, and 2x chrominance, enabling HDTV support. However as this connection is not digital it does not support HDCP which would be required for official HDTV support as set out by the EICTA."

What I was reffering to was the newer VIVO interfaces with HDTV support (but not hdcp). Like this one i found on newegg: ATI TV Wonder 650

From what I can tell there are Hi-Def inputs that look suspiciously like upgraded S-Video inputs. Although perhaps I should have called them "Hi-Def Video In" instead "Hi-Def s-video in"? I have never used one so I may be wrong. Can anyone clarify this?
October 19, 2006 6:50:55 AM

Some VIVO cables also support the output of component luminance, and 2x chrominance, enabling HDTV support. However as this connection is not digital it does not support HDCP which would be required for official HDTV support as set out by the EICTA."

There's a dongle that you can plug into the VIVO port on many ATI cards that will produce a component output signal. I'm pretty sure that's what this quote is talking about... but it's output, not input, so the OP still couldn't use that to get a HD video signal from his PS3 into his computer for recording.

Oh well.
October 19, 2006 7:17:57 AM

- there are no tuner cards I'm aware of that support QAM (cable HDTV), though I haven't looked at the DVICO yet.

The Macro Image Technology MDP-130 MyHD PCI HDTV Tuner Card along with the DVICO fusion cards support QAM 64 and 256 for recording from digital cable, There may be many more but those are the ones I am aware of.
October 19, 2006 7:28:49 AM

I see, after looking into it more I believe you are correct. Thanks.