Game On With the Ultimate X9 from ABS Computers

Loaded with an overclocked Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor and ATI's Radeon X1900 in CrossFire dual-graphics mode, the ABS Ultimate X9 delivers nothing less than tremendous performance.
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  1. ok. it's half the price of the 10k pc, and performs better.......

    what am i missing???????????????????????
  2. well there are a few obvious differences. one would be the exceptional monitor which comes with the machV, and the outstanding customer service that comes standard. Although for most of us this would not be a consideration (because we are not rich), but the paintjob you can get on a Falcon is second to none. The Falcon is in a totally different market segment, meant for those who really want the BEST for their money, and I would not choose any other company for that.

    However, for most of us I am guessing value for your dollar would have SOME importance, even at this price point. For those people, this ABS computer would certainly be a better choice. One thing to keep in mind, is that this SLI/Crossfire hardware is still ahead of gaming software, which is really not well designed to take advantage of its power yet. The programming for these games in the benchmarking was probably mostly completed before SLI beta drivers ever existed, so it's hard to know if Nvidia SLI or ATI Crossfire will run better with future games.

    Of course, you cannot choose your current purchasing based on future game potential which is not measurable, so take that with a grain of salt. Looks like this configuration really made ATI stand out this time, but of course that always goes back and forth at this level.
  3. OK. Watercooling for the CPU only? The 2 graphics cards generate more heat than the CPU does, and overclocking the GPUs would probably turn better performance results in these games than you would get from overclocking the CPU.

    As far as paint jobs go, most custom graphics on machines these days are done using vinyl wraps. You can do your whole case in under half an hour on the outside. And you local sign shop would probably be able to turn out whatever custom graphic you wanted for well under $200. So if you want to be identified with your computer (ya know, put your face on the side of it) then you can. That and a couple hours in an auto body shop (I'm sure they can be convinced to do some cherry red gloss with pinstriping if you fork over the cash). You're still well under that $10K price tag. Who knows? Doing computer case parts might be a welcome change of pace for these guys...

    I love their choice of case. The Aurora is roomy and has good curves, and are almost as well built as Lian Li cases, with a lot more attention to details like the water tubing passthroughs.
  4. sure you could put on vinyl graphics and/or maybe have a paint shop do the case for you, but if you had $10k to spend on a PC, do you think you'd be driving to your local auto body shop for a case painting? you're still in a value mindset, which the mach v was obviously not built for.

    If you want value, why are you worried about what the Falcon mach v has? it's built by the most expensive PC maker I'm aware of, not the best value pc maker. I don't see any reason for debate here, these are obviously pc's with different market segments in mind. I'll bet the cabling is not precisely routed and hidden in the ABS either. Would I personally pay thousands for these kinds of details? Not in my current financial situation. If I did not have to worry about money, I would absolutely go with Falcon, because they obviously have the premier service and quality.
  5. Quote:
    TBlaar Said:

    ok. it's half the price of the 10k pc, and performs better.......

    what am i missing???????????????????????

    Radeon cards typically do better in Oblivion, esp. with Crossfire. However The ABS system got it's ass kicked in F.E.A.R. when compared to the Falcon Nvidia setup. It's all dependent on the game. :wink:
  6. Looks like the Falcon system got owned. I understand the added value of the paint and of course the 30" apple monitor ($2k). The tech support, while valued at $280 is likely much better @ falcon. Even so, the ABS system is at least on par with the Falcon system and is arguably better. IMO, the value/cost is much higher with the ABS system. I do understand that if you are the type of person who owns a $100k car, then a $10k system is right for you, but for anybody that would even think twice about spending $10k on a system, the ABS is the better choice.
  7. Forgot to mention, where are the dual x1950xtx-es?
  8. Patrick, is it just my IE 7 browser settings, or are you adding an extra .com on all your links?
  9. I see the link as well, and have also noticed it in many other posts. no matter how many times we mention it, I have not yet noticed a reply to this observation (I may have missed one of course).

    So, let's keep mentioning it until it stops. :) I find it amusing that we have to help edit the articles and website so much here. I guess NA TomsHardware is understaffed to address such details. I have to say I appreciate that some articles are written by NA staff though, because we are able to more closely communicate with them and share our thoughts.
  10. All i see is Newegg owns ABS... i dont think you can do anything rong buying it.

    Besides the only good companys now that arnt owned by other major manufactures are falcon and abs, imho
  11. Hmm Same case and watercooling I have for my machine. Caint be that bad. The watercooling keeps my E6400 at a cool 35 idle and 45 load.

    Gigabyte do offer add-on parts for watercooling the chipset and graphics cards now. Quite a ellagent design.

    Gigabyte Watercooling


    I can vouch for the Case and cooling. Never though twice about the products and its given me really good service.
  12. What about VoodooPC, they are a good independent company... oh, wait, they got bought out too. Seems like the big guys are trying to buy street cred lately.
  13. This was asked the other day, and now it's bugging me, "How comes your post count doesn’t go up?"
  14. Wow Wow... 3DMark05 +19000 ... man! unbelievable,the system is way too fast :twisted:
    damn...i wish i was rich enough to buy one :(
  15. Come on. Most of the Falcons mechanicals are out of box parts. Does "special" service, a 30" monitor and a spray painted case really justify an extra 6000?
    If it is a great system, you'll probably never have to use their service. hell, if you want good customer service, just by an Apple.
    I find (maybe I am partial) the Gigabyte a more practical case. For 130 bucks it's good. Board, chip and cards are all vanilla and if I wanted to I could build it tommorrow and get a 30" dell and still save 3000.00. 10k no matter how much money you have is still obnoxious.
    I have issue paying $5000 for a Dell XPS 700. I can buy a car for 10k.
    I say ABS is a performance bargain and owned
  16. I wish they would have used water-cooled x1950xtxs and overclocked them. That would have made this system the clear performance winner vs the falcon system.
  17. Quote:
    All i see is Newegg owns ABS... i dont think you can do anything rong buying it.

    Besides the only good companys now that arnt owned by other major manufactures are falcon and abs, imho

    Velocity Micro is the biggest custom builder and ships way more pcs than either falco or abs put together, so its not truthful to say that Falcon or ABS are the only good custom pc truth i have never dealt with either ABS, Falcon nor Velocity Micro but i think your leaving out good companies also like Hypersonic...all of which are independent to my knowledge and build quality products...
  18. Quote:
    The Falcon is in a totally different market segment, meant for those who really want the BEST for their money, and I would not choose any other company for that.

    Come on you dont beleieve people will spend 10,000 on a machine that does not perform better, as long as my machine doesn't hang or restart randomly i dont care how much its costs, what kind of components its got, the fact of this is:
    The MachV is faster and a hell of alot cheaper hands down, you cannot argue that!
  19. This is a nice system, I’m not going to get into the 10k falcon vs it or anything like that, but if you are looking for a nice top of the line system, and don’t want to build it yourself this looks nice, I just spent about 4-5k building a new PC a few months ago, if I looked at this system, no to say for sure, but I would have at least considered going with it instead; a good value for the money.
    The 1 year warranty isn't impressive though, if you buy retail parts it is not hard to find all the parts you need with a manufacturer 1 year warranty, so that is less than desirable. I think the real value of this system is for the people who can not, or do not want to build there own system. I rate it 4 or 5 stars.
  20. Great review!

    I hope you do a system from Overdrive PC!
  21. I don't really mind the length of the one year warranty, I just wish that they would pay the shipping for warranty issues, or at least discount it.
  22. With the Galaxy Water cooling and the 3D Aurora case, the pump and tank have pre drilled wholes in the bottom of case.

    I heard that when placed on the bottom, you can only fit one graphics card in and on other pci cards will fit. Is that true???

    From the pictures of this rig, it looks like they put the pump and tank in the front 5.25 bay area. How did they mount it there?

    Im debating what water cooling to get. This would help since i need the PCI space. Thanks in advance.
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