problems with the right ram...

was wondering what kind of ram i might nead for my mother bord i ordered a pc2100 DDR 1gb stick of ram. problem is when i instaled it all my computer does is lode up then reboot. then askes me if i want to start up in safe mode ect....
ok so im thinking i messed up big time. so im asking for a little help how i can tell what ram my mother bord neads. heres the link on the specks. plz dont send me to another web page for me to figure it out on my own lol it wont work....

and this is the web page where i got my ram at.

oh ya HELP!!
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  1. Do you have any other memory in the system? If so try running the new memory by itself.
    What are the speeds of the other memory? Should say on the memory stick.
    The memory you bought should work fine.
    What is your fsb running at? 100 or 133 MHz
  2. i have a 512mb stick that came with my computer. i have no idea what the fbs is runing at. can you tell me how to check it? also what does it do? the memory dident have any kind of wrighting on it about fbs so im stuck..
  3. sorry its taken so long to get back to ya I have a gateway the modle # is

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