Yuri's revenge on windows 8

i have copied the file from my friends external hard disk, and i can run everything fine but when i start playing the game halfway the game freezes any help?
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  1. Buy the game. No one here will help you get a pirated game to work on your PC.
  2. I've bought the game twice once when it came out and once again for the first decade buy the game don't be a poser.
  3. That is a very old game (2001) it was designed pre XP. I would not expect to run on windows 8. (if it ran on windows 7 you might have a chance) You might be able to run in on windows 8 in a hyper-v session of the XP operating system. it is just a lot of effort.
  4. My Yuri's Revenge (Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2) that I bought LONG ago worked just fine on Windows 8 for a month. Just today, it has been locking up mid-game. I'm not a real techie-kinda-guy, so I have NO IDEA why it doesn't work. I thought about uninstalling and reinstalling it.
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