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A couple years back, I was an ATI fan. I purchesed a (then quick) 9600 XT. I had nothing but trouble with it, it constantly crashed my computer. After several months of trying to make it work, I sold it on E-bay and went to the nVIDIA camp. I have never had trouble since. Now, I know what caused all the issues with my previous card/mobo, and it seemed to be a special case between just those two components.

My point (finally): Does anyone have these sorts of issues, where your card and motherboard refuse to get along nowadays? Admittedly, a lot of ATI hardware looks great, but I'm not willing to try it again until I get a good idea of how thier compatability stacks up.

So, if you've had issues, or not, let me know how your ATI expirience has been. And no, this isn't an "ATI vs. nVIDIA" thread; I'd like to keep it to ATI.
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  1. I review cards for Tom's, and I haven't had a real issue with either Nvidia or Ati cards for some time.

    They both have minor idiosyncrisies, but nothing that has stopped me from playing a game. Pretty solid in both camps now.

    Last time I had problems with Ati was maybe with early revisions of the 9700 PRO drivers... that was a real long time ago.
  2. My ATI experiance has been great ever since I had my PCI 7500 through my 9600 pro - past my x800xl all the way to my x1900xtx. The only video card i have ever had a problem with was my nVidia 7800GT CO, which was just overheating because it was overclocked a bit to much (IMO)!


  3. I have a x1900xtx in an GA-965P-DQ6 running catalyst 6.9 and it is solid as a rock.

    But, then again, my 7800GXT is solid too.
  4. Currently you are better with ATI drivers, as the Nvidia drivers have just taken a taken for the worse, with there new Nvidia control panel that is completely impossible to use...
  5. I also had no end of trouble with ATI drivers. I finally gave up and pulled my x800xl and got a 7900gt, there are some minor driver issues with the Nvidia, it was a bit painful to get dual monitors to work, but the drivers actually worked and installed the first time, something I have never accomplished with ATI.
  6. I'm using the latest drivers as well, and I have to agree. They have become a little harder to use lately. I'm optomistic they'll revise them, as it seems the last couple revisions have each had changes to them.

    Also, what motherboards are you using? Last time, the issue was the infamous Via Apollo KT600 and Radeon 9600 incompatability. Does nFORCE/Radeon or Radeon Xpress/Geforce combinations matter?
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