CPU destroyed?

I recently bought a new mobo and it came with one of the processer pins missing. Not noticing that it wasn't there, I placed my core 2 duo inside. With all other components placed in correctly, I booted my new comp up. Everything starts up, fans spin, lights flash, but nothing comes on my monitor. I was pretty sure something was wrong with the processer (I've had a dead CPU before and it did the same thing). Turns out, the CPU WAS fine and that the mobo I recently purchased had a missing pin (as stated before).

I'm almost sure that the CPU is now fried because of it, but does anyone think that it's at all possible that the CPU survived something like that? It had minor cosmetic damage on the bottom, a few black marks that wiped off with ease. The last two CPUs I've seen burn out had a very strong burning smell to them, this one had no smell of any kind.

So does anyone think it could've survived something like that, or am I just thinking crazy?
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  1. Well with something like this you won't know 'til you stick it in a mobo and fire it up! :twisted:
  2. One pin missing in the socket isn't going to hurt the cpu, unless its a power pin (odds are that it isn't).

    The black on the bottom of the cpu isn't good though, that sounds like something under the cpu fried. lets just hope it was something near the cpu and not the little components on the underside of the cpu itself.

    bottom line: It could be OK, you won't know until you try it in a good mobo.
  3. That is pretty strange, only way to find out is to boot up a mobo with the CPU installed I think. Either way, Intel should honor the warranty and if not I would bet the mobo manufacturer would if you threatened them enough.
  4. I have to ask but why would you put a cpu in a socket that you knew was damaged? In anycase its not likely the cpu is fried but im sure it wouldnt be to hard to convince someone at a computer shop to throw it in a board really fast free of charge.
  5. Processors are sorta hard to kill, chances the MB is bad, wouldnt hurt to stick it in another to see if it boots, them pins i hear are nightmares when bent :x
  6. For what he wrote, he noticed the missing pin only after he tried to boot it up and disassembled the processor.
  7. yeah my bad read that wrong.
  8. Quote:
    So does anyone think it could've survived something like that, or am I just thinking crazy?

    Sure, it could have survived, but the only way to know for sure is to stick into another mobo and try to turn it on. The black marks could easily just be from the mobo itself, and since they wiped off easily, I wouldn't worry to much about them.

    RMA the mobo and let the tech know exactly what happened. He might have a few suggestions himself, and depending on company policy, might even authorize replacing the cpu without any hastles. If that happens, you have no further worries.

    If he doesn't offer a replacement cpu, stick in a signed letter describing the cpu problem when you RMA the mobo and let the company know you're reserving a copy for your lawyer, not telling them that you don't have a lawyer, of course. That gets attention fast. Of course, if the cpu works with the new mobo, you have no further worries for the moment.

    Good luck, and no, I don't think you're crazy..
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