Low 3DMark05 Score!! WHY??

Sorry about posting this here, but I couldnt find specific answer for my problem in any of the threads i´ve read so far..... Little help would be much appreciated. :?

Well.... thing is, I got a score of 9621 on 3DMark05 running at 1024x768 noAA and no AF. Since this system is my first build ever maybe i missed something or made some unhappy combination or whatever, system specs are as follows:

Seveteam 420kw psu
AMD Atlhon64 3200+ Venice skt 939
Asus A8N-SLi Premium
Corsair ''cheapo'' Value 2x 1024MB DDR 400 DualCh
eVGA 7950 GX2

I believe that the "choke point" is the processor, but since 939 skts still support AMDs with 2 cores I may consider upgrading in the future.
I´ve been checking out some graphs here in TH vga charts and the score they reach is about 2k-3k greater than mine. I just wish someone could point out any faults I could´ve done. Thanks in advance :!:
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  1. 10k for 3D05 is not bad... :roll:
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