cpu, fsb and memory multiplier question!

I got myself a nice new setup yesterday as added in my sig, one quick question. I've followed the guide for overclocking after dabbling myself (not a complete newbie) but there's one thing I've never bothered to ask...until now!

What is the deal with making the FSB and memory speed match with an even multiplier? For example, before I had my FSB at 266 as recommended, and something like a 3.5 multiplier on my memory to 800MHz DDR and a 9x multiplier on my CPU to make 2.4GHz.

After reading I did what I thought was sensible and set my FSB to 400MHz, my memory multiplier to 2x (to match the memory at stock speed, not my main area to oc at the moment) and my CPU multiplier to 7x for a safe oc of 2.8GHz. All is well. which is nice...but why the match up with the ram? Have I done the right thing in dropping the multiplier for the sake of 'matching' the ram like this?

I mean, now my next jump is to put an 8x multiplier on the CPU (the only overclock i have left really unless I want to mess with the RAM) and this will take me up to 3.2GHz. Now, in my mind this is starting to get a little much. I dont want to risk too much, and am not bothered about bragging right, but a nice 'free' gain makes me feel like I'm getting one up on Intel hahaha

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  1. I kinda found my own answer out:


    But i'd still appreciate someone explaining a little more. This website gives an indepth test proving to me that it was a good choice (i'll test with sandra anyway) but i'm still hazy on why the fsb match and what my losses over gains are...afterall, i'm left wondering why it doesnt ship with a 400MHz FSB and 2x mem multiplier if it's so much better? :/
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