Which will be sub-$100 first, C2D or X2?

This is a good question.

Who do you think wil have the first sub-$100 Dual Core CPU, and when?

I need help to deicde which is the better upgrade path, AM2 or LGA775 sockets.

Only C2Ds and X2s!

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  1. Besides the PD, I forgot to mention only

    C2D, and X2s.
  2. Then, I think AMD might get their X2 3800+ below $100 first, once they are fully ramped at 65nm.
  3. intel could price drop once amd has their 65nms out, but who knos
  4. my guess is 3600+ at 65 nm maybe?
  5. Oops :oops: , the X2 4000+ appears to be the lowest chip to be converted to 65nm.

    Don't know if they'll go below $100 for a while. Maybe, as Wusy indicated, there will be a low-end price war when Intel releases their E4000 series next year.
  6. I would say neither since that would probably cut into the their budget line of CPUs. Namely Celeron and Sempron.
  7. I voted for AMD... just think back to when Intel had the performance crown... AMDs had the lowest prices. When the X2's came out the 4800+ was right at $1000 and the nearest non-extreme dual core Intel was around half that if I remember correctly. Just makes sense that AMD will be forced to undercut Intel's prices for the near-term.
  8. Quote:
    E4300, close but not quite.

    E4300 will be sold for more than US$150.
  9. AMD definitely.
    When Intel leads the market, AMD will drop prices a whole lot.
    Intel has been well known long time ago to sell their product much higher compared to AMD.
  10. Never going to happen....at least not while the CPUs are still new and selling from retail stores. I suppose on the used market, the AMD athlon 3600 X2 will be the first to be had for under $100, but I can't see that happening for at least a couple more years. Single core will soldier on a couple years more before becoming extinct, then we might see a <$100 dual core CPU that isn't based on netburst technology.
  11. Quote:
    Then, I think AMD might get their X2 3800+ below $100 first, once they are fully ramped at 65nm.

    And when that happens maybe I will grab myself one :).. It will be a pretty nice upgrade :)
  12. good point! but i think the winner is going to the green side... :D since although C2D procs are quiet price/performance wise, but their mobo are still quite expensive... :cry:
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