Win 7 crashes on flash video

I just recently finally built my new PC, but it seems to crash when I am watching youtube videos, or streams of starcraft2. I am thinking it has to do with Adobe Flash, tried going into settings and turning off hardware accel. The problem is still there, seems to happen for sure once a week. Please, any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Asus P8P67 PRO-B3 revision
EVGA GeForce 560ti
Intel i5 2500k
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600 2x4
Win 7 home premium 64bit
Western Digital 1TB SATA3
Corsair 850TXV2
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  1. These sorts of things often happen because of video driver issues. Check to see if there's a more recent video driver available.
  2. No, there is not, everything is up to date, and I am running stock speeds on everything.
  3. Try this

    See if you can find another flash app somewhere, for example, on advertisements on many websites that use flash. Right click the app, select settings, then uncheck the box that says something like "Enable hardware acceleration"

    Try your YouTube again
  4. Tried that, does not do anything
  5. I decided to run "error checking", for my hard drive last night. It ran, got to stage 5 out of 5, 79%, then it locked up. Tried it again, locked again, tried it one more time, and locked up at 95%. Went to work, got home now, and maybe it's just me, but I swear my PC is running slower now? Hmmmm, I am so lost, I am pretty sure my hardware is fine, when I google my question, there seems to be a lot of people having these issues. With many suggestions.
    Turn off "auto hide task bar"
    Turn off screen shutdown.
    Go into MOBO bios, and change to performance setting
    Manually set your RAM timings
    I would really rather fix this myself, but maybe I will have to bring it somewhere, hope not.
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