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E6400 running at 78C temperature on load. Is this a problem?

Last response: in Overclocking
October 18, 2006 2:12:13 AM

For some reason Core Temp shows that my temperature on idle is 54 or so, and when I run Prime95 I hit 78 or so. Those numbers seem way high compared to what everyone else seems to be listing. I'm running a Gigabyte DS3, Rev.7 Bios., 4-4-4 OCZ DDR2, 375x8=3.0ghz. I have a passively cooled Nvidia 6600GT in an Antec SOLO case. Am I alright to run this? Prime95 hasn't given me errors and it's been running for a while.

Are these faulty readings? My case Temperature is only 33C. And yet my CPU is 78C? How can this be?

October 18, 2006 3:10:51 AM

Try measuring it with the program that comes with on the gigabyte cd. It is called easytune. Go into pc health and somewhere it will say your temp. If it is still high then you got problems. Try reseting and reapplying the thermal pace.
October 18, 2006 3:37:59 AM

It shows those high temperatures in the bios too, and I've used two other program, and it shows the same high temps. I don't think that the computer would boot at 80C, would it? I have a feeling the temperature reading is 20C off. ie. The gauge is off.
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October 18, 2006 3:48:50 AM

Did you put thermal paste on? Take it apart try reseting the cpu heatsink/fan. Is the fan spinning? Rub the thermal paste around using the heatsink where it connects to the cpu and make sure it's tight.
October 18, 2006 3:55:43 AM

What heatsink/fan are you using?
Case temp of 33 is actually not a very desireable number. What's your ambient temp like ?

I'm not familiar with the Antec SOLO case, but perhaps you need to put additional fans to better circulate the air through your case. Make sure the area around the cpu heatsink itsnt clustered with wiring/whatnot.

If you're using a stock HSF to cool your nearly 50% overclock, dont expect it to run much below 50C tho ....

Just my 2c

Good luck
October 18, 2006 3:59:01 AM

I have spent alot of time on this problem. First of all it is likely that your temp sensor is off by +10 degrees celsius. Also, some of these cpu's are concave and the contact is poor. For me moving from a scythe infinity to a TT big typhhon improved my temps by 8 celsius. Now the infinity is a much better cooler; but its mounting mechanism is piss poor, even when clipped in properly(remounted 5 times). So being able to really screw down the cooler helped my temps w/o having to lap the cpu; which means more resale value when i sell it on ebay down the road. So, really check your contact. Doing that got my temps from 78 celsius to 70 celsius loaded. For me 70 celisus was really more like 60. For my part, i encountered heat issues at 82 celsius. Also check your heatpipes. At 70 celsius mine only get lukewarm, that is a very good indicator that your temps are off.

So, long story: simple advice.
Check your contact, Check your heatpipe temp thereafter, if your not afraid to find the point at which you encounter heat instability

good luck.
October 18, 2006 8:20:31 AM

It shows those high temperatures in the bios too, and I've used two other program, and it shows the same high temps. I don't think that the computer would boot at 80C, would it? I have a feeling the temperature reading is 20C off. ie. The gauge is off.

Yah, thats a problem, that can slow down your computer. Or shortens the CPU life.
October 18, 2006 9:19:21 AM

Slipped my mind....

You didn't mention what type of cooler you are using? If its the stock get a better heatsink immediately. Overclocking for 24/7 use with the stock hsf is a bad idea if you want that proccessor to last; and its too darn loud!!
October 18, 2006 9:50:25 PM

Have you tried resetting the heatsink yet? Also I don't think all those temp sensors are off. The core 2 duo has 3 of them inside. And your gigabyte motherboard has one below the cpu I think not for sure though. There is no way they are all off. Also If you cpu is concaved like mine was you can lap it. Lapping trimmed 8 C off my cpu.
October 19, 2006 12:11:50 AM

I'm using the stock heatsink/fan. I haven't reset the heatsink, and I'm not sure what 'lapping' is. I'm not saying all the sensors are off. There is only one that reads 80C. The other two read 33C.
October 19, 2006 12:17:44 AM

I bet the one sensor is probably malfunctioning. It probably is around 33 C. Before I overclocked I use to get around that temp so it's probably normal.

Lapping is when you sand the cpu. Here is the link to the thread were you can learn all about it.
October 19, 2006 12:19:45 AM

Wait is 33 C your system or cpu temp? In your 1st post you said your case temp is 33 C.

Edit: Also when reading your first post it said that it is overclocked. What were your temps before overclocking? What is your voltage?
October 19, 2006 2:06:45 AM

My temps pre-overclock are 58 idle, 66 load.

On overclock, my temp readings are something like 33, 80, 30. I just assumed the first or third was my case temp. (I'm on a laptop at a cafe right now so I can't check my desktop comp.)
October 19, 2006 3:02:20 AM

Core temp gives you 3 readings? I thought it only gives you 2 readings same with easytune. Easytune gives you the overall cpu temp and then your system temp which is the northbridge. And coretemp gives you core 1 and core 2 readings and then the tcasemax reading. The tcasemax rating is the maximum cpu temp. Not system temp readings.