How well is this Card + dual monitors going to perform?

I'm building a budget system for medium gaming and planning on using a 19" widescreen LCD and an old 17" CRT I have lying around as dual monitors. I am planning on getting a X850XT PE. I just plan on playing CS:S on medium quality and maybe some other games. How well can I expect this to perform? I realize 2 monitors puts extra work on the video card, which is why I'm asking. I'd like to get at least 40fps stable on CS:S (with medium quality I guess). Will this be very likely, or will the second monitor drastically affect performance?
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  1. The card is good enough, imo. If you can get more faster CPU that'll be better.
    Playing games won't stress VGA only, but CPU too.
  2. Are you going to game across both monitors, because thats a pain to set-up and your asking for a world of hut.

    Otherwise, there shouldn't be a problem. I game frequently with 2 monitors, one with the game, the other with tips and tricks.
  3. Yeah, I'm not planning to use both monitors for games, just the 2nd one as an extension to the desktop.

    My second question is, are there good Linux drivers? I'd like to be able to use Kubuntu, and will dual monitors work with that? If not, I'll look into getting a 7600GT instead.
  4. Anyone? Are there linux drivers? Are they good? Will they support dual monitors?
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