Video card around $50 USD

I am trying to get a video card around that budget and I come up with this...

What do you guys think? any suggestions? Not gonna use it for gaming or maybe just a little bit
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  1. For just a little gaming and regular desktop stuff, the 6600 is a fine choice, and well priced.
  2. Agreed, its currently the best bang for your buck under 50.
  3. I agree hard to beat that for $50. What do you guys think about the Sapphire X1300XT for $18 more? It's supposed to be a X1600 pro which would put it up around the 6600GT.

    Review of the GDDR3 OC version:

    Sapphire spec sheet shows it (the $65 one) looks just like a reference X1600 pro:
  4. Holy Crap my card is cheap hahah. As for Gaming I play games all the time.. and it works fine.. I have played HL2 EP1 On max details with AA 4x AF 4x and HDR and it works great. Also BF2142 everything on high except for Textures due to the fact that I need 2gbs of Ram and AA 2x and it played fine.
    Same goes for FEAR. :)
  5. Definatly better then I had expect when I clicked on this thread ! I play alot of games with a ye olde X1300 so im sure it will work just fine (Just dont expect Oblivion at max details and all that jazz lol) I honestly think the higher end video cards are a waste of money these days since even the cheapest cards can play almost any game *with some sacrifice in resolution and maybe some detail but as long as its over 800X600 its all good :)
  6. Well I agree and disagree. Yes most older cards such as mine and JonathanDeane are still able to play most games on medium or high.. and I still play on 1024x768 :)
  7. Sweet, my 50 bucks video card is ready to roll
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